Looks like ‘they’ are back.

Suddenly folk whose ‘names’ start with ‘id’ followed by digits are liking my comments.



Spam Warnings

Started yesterday.

Suddenly folk with web site addresses started to ‘like’ comments I had made on other folks’ posts. Counted 15 so far. The majority end with .’ru’ (So if I follow the guidelines of some folk after the Salisbury poisoning it must be the UK govt or the CIA)…But seriously though

Checked on the Community Forum, seems to have started in the last week, and WP do not appear to have any response other than to tell people to check with the Forum.

Don’t interact is my advice.

Question is?

Should the person who attracts the ‘like’ or the person who has originated the post take any action.

If I knew how to delete the durn things I would