The Treasonous Book Trailer

Not only does Rachael write high quality YA, she produces her own covers and trailer videos.

Rachael Ritchey

I really enjoy making these videos, so even if they aren’t all that helpful in the marketing scheme of things, it’s still pretty satisfying to be creative with different art formats. 🙂

I did this video with Windows Movie Maker. My old PC finally gave up and my older version of Magix can’t be put on this computer, so I must make do! It works pretty well. There are certain limitations that bug me, but I can deal.

What is your go-to movie editing/making software?

And of course, I decided to remake Captive Hope’s trailer too, so here ya go!

And if you couldn’t tell, I’m kinda enthralled by Kai Engel’s music, which he has so generously made available for free (most non-commercial but some commercial) on Please check out his website if you get a chance! I did buy the compilations of Scope and Alantida from…

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Follow-up to “Wake Up, America!…”

Don’t pay too much attention about my involvement. This is all about Lisa and what she has to say about being an individual

the otherhood of one

Or alternatively: a response to Roger (Woebegone but Hopeful), my friend in social anarchy…

I absolutely LOVE that phrase, “your friend in social anarchy”!  Having just read your latest rant, I know that it’s true, as well, which only makes the phrase richer and more tasty to me… lol!

I admitted to being reluctant to publish “Wake Up, America!”, though I didn’t discuss the reasons why.  And I’m glad I waited until a calmer heart could prevail before attempting to do so today.  It has proven to be an interesting experience so far…

To begin with, it is by far my least popular post ever!  Seen by at least 26 people (according to WordPress), which is a lot for my site, it only received 3 (now 4) “likes.”  And while it is quite possible that many (or most) of those “viewers” did not read the whole thing, it is still…

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Hey! You Lot! Yeh Press…talkin’ to you!!

Ok folks, this one is not pleasant, but there again sometimes as we all know you gotta let rip.

I’ll set the scene for those of you who are not UK citizens and not familiar with our update of Alice in Wonderland, or to give it its official title Brexit.

For those of you in the US the debate has been on the level of the USA Presidential Election of 2016 although instead of personal smears both sides use scare tactics about what would happen to Britain if we left the European Union or stayed. For inspiration both sides referred to the Book of Revelations, though without the poetry and imagery.

Now a group of folk who voted Remain took a case to the Court of Law (note that last word), arguing that although there had been a referendum which had been won by the Leave Campaign supporters (note: Not The British People, 100% did not vote to Leave); before the Government could proceed it would need to gain Parliament’s approval. Which is a valid argument. Three High Court Judges ruled this was so.

High Holy, the press which supported the Leave Campaign did everything short of demanding they should be lynched; called them Enemies of The People for Pity’s Sake. And I am  not sullying this post with their rag headlines!!!  Goodness knows what the Burning Brand & Pitchfork brigades that infect social media got up to; I’ve long since given up reading that blathering from whatever group.

Ok you lot, you think it’s fine to abuse people in public, people doing their legal duty.

See this…



Don’t dig it? Well you should. It’s from the  British Legion. Poppy Fund. All proceeds to aid those injured and the remembrance of those who died, so that Liberty, Freedom and TOLERANCE would be allowed to continue in these lands (My Dad was wounded at least in WWII and although he only alluded to it I think he also suffered what was called them ‘Combat Fatigue’ (PTSD anyone?)

Profanity Warning…#

Why the Happy Fuck I am writing this I don’t know because I doubt if any of the perps will get to read this, but for the good folk of WP community, it’s because I’m blistering at these folk who write this Filth.

Yeh, Filth!

How do you newspaper hacks like being called Filth? How do you like being mis-represented?…. In writing?. How do feel about being the subject of abuse?

Not nice is it? Being on the receiving end of a rant. Being accused of something, like Filth!!

Right now I am personally ashamed of being British.

Some poor sap was writing in a respectable periodical about these Islands’ heritage of tolerance. Tolerance?????…oh man, you are so innocent I could wrap you up in a blanket, leave a night-light on for you and tuck you in with a furry toy.

Angry? Hell, folks I gave up on Angry a long time back, right now I am White-Hot-Burning Mad.

Ok, I’m kinda done

No, I an’t


Now I am.

(This post has come to you with the assistance of my ‘Tearing Down The Highway’ music playlist)

Praise be for the Sanity and Perspective of you good folk in WP.

Goodnight and take care you  WP folk

A True History of the Isles Part 16-Whose Throne is it Anyway??

As it was noted in the previous seminar Edward had confessed he’d quite forgotten about the business of ensuring there would be an heir. This was to be dramatically unfortunate as there seemed to be more than one person who thought they would be ideally suited to taking his place.


The Godwins (The proto soap-opera family)

The father of Harold (The II) had made a strategically astute move, by having a first name which was the same word as his title, thus no one could ignore how important he was. With this advantage, he had become much powerful than some felt he was entitled to. Now that was not something you said in public; the Godwins (or Godwinsons just to keep folk guessing) were not people you would wish to get on the wrong side of, they being quite adept at kidnap, murder, extortion and finding reasons to declare war (in a small earlish way). Earl in an attempt to prove God was on his side tried to swallow a rather large piece of bread, since this was a poor theological argument no one took him seriously. Not used to such treatment he became incensed; the bread went down the wrong way and he memorably expired.

While his brothers went about the usual family business Harold claimed that King Edward had pointed at him before dying and this proved he should be king. Several men who claimed they were wise thought this a reasonable argument and he was crowned in 1065. His brother Tostig celebrated by doubling taxation in the north. Although Harold probably thought his brother meant well, as King and a Godwin he had a reputation to keep and so exiled Tostig on the grounds of raising taxation and starting as war (with the taxpayers) without permission. Tostig then spent part of 1065 & 1066 going from Scotland to Normandy and offering his services as a troublemaker, he was not very successful and ended up in Norway.


Harald Hardrada

At the time, had become the king of Norway, but being an old-fashioned sort of Viking thought he should also be king of Denmark and England. From the age of 15 (about 1030) he had been involved in various wars, rebellions and treacheries and so getting to be king of one place had simply gone to his head. His son Manus had helped the Welsh sort of invade part of England, and Harald simply wanted to show the lad that the Old Man still had it. When Tostig turned up offering his services as a Treacherous Brother Harald took the opportunity. As the people of England would be confused between a Harold and a Harald, this was a good a chance as any.


William of Normandy

His father Robert (of Normandy) had not married William’s mother Herleva. This allowed William an early education in hanging onto his inheritance by fighting back anyone who tried to seize it. While ruling Normandy, he gave sanctuary to Edward son of Ethelread. Edward was a cousin who had once removed himself; under the laws of those days this entitled William to say he could be king of England. Although Harold was king Williams said this didn’t count because Harold had said William could be king next time he was in England and resolved the have words with Harold about this; he took some friends along with him.


It would be interesting to speculate what might have happened if due to the quirks of weather and timing had the armies of Harold, Harald and William had all turned up at the same place at the same time. But we must deal with the facts.



Stamford Bridge (possibly 25th September 1066)

Sometime in late September Harald and Tostig and a lot of friends turned up in East Yorkshire, but were not too sure just where they were; Harold being used to terrorising parts of England knew exactly where they were and more importantly where they should be. Thus with the element of surprise Harold’s army fell upon Harald’s. Although a large Viking stood on a bridge (probably Stamford) and acted heroically he was cleverly attacked by a naval detachment (ie a man in a barrel); thus Harold’s army slaughtered Harald’s army. Being noble he gave Harald the land he, Harold, had promised him, Harald, this being six foot long and a few feet deep. What was left of Tostig was taken to France to be buried, while he sons wisely set up a line of famous Scandinavians and his wife Judith married a Bavarian who died on a crusade. Harold couldn’t have cared less because of….


Hastings (Possibly the 14th October 1066)

William cleverly or underhandly depending on who is writing the account not only brought along Normans, but Bretons and Frenchmen (these being all quite separate at the time). In addition, whereas the English preferred the most rustic approach of using big axes, limps of stone and pointed sticks William’s army included archers, spearmen and cavalry. Even so Harold’s army gallantly defended, counter-attacked, made a strategic withdrawal to prepared positions (ie the counter-attack had gone wrong) and solidly fought on. Whereas someone said William had been killed he rode about to prove he hadn’t been. Harold however adopted the tactic of when being killed not telling anyone, in the hope no one would notice. Someone did and under the results of the time William’s army massacred Harold’s army.



The English establishment quickly appointed King Edgar on the basis that he was the last of the Aethelings, as he was only 15 and spent most of his life in Hungary he personally felt he was not suited to the role, everyone was obliged to agree and say sorry to Williams but these things will happen. William thought that after a few obligatory executions, maimings, hostagings and exilings, everything would settle down. As we shall see in the next seminar this was not the case.

A True History of The Isles Part 15- The Road to 1066

A True History of These Isles-Introduction and Part 1

An Address To The Two Houses of….?

The election shortly to take place within the USA.

On the candidates, I have my opinions, I have my views, but since I don’t have a vote I’m keeping my mouth shut.

I like the USA, I am very fond of the folk. So you’ll excuse me if I gently move through you and walk straight up to the political classes whose past few decades of their composite impersonation (and a bad one at that) of The Three Stooges needs addressing. Now I’m sticking with the last 116 years as the pervious centuries, different times and; nations growing are not pretty sights.


Hey! You lot! Yeh looking at you dancing about the place, making vacuous pronouncements, playing to the gallery, blocking government just because The Other Side has come up with an idea that doesn’t suit your backers or shriller constituents. I daresay there might be some good work going on behind the scenes, but you aren’t making much show of that. All we seem to know, if we listen to you is that the opposition is either in the thrall of Satan, Multi-Nationals, or Socialist (Oooooh I do love that one. Capitol Hill Boys n’ Girls, if you heard a real socialist the resulting trauma to your sensibilities would have you in therapy for a month!!!). You have the gall to claim you care for the taxpayer while you live the comfortable life-style! Oh you know your constitution, yes indeed you’re well up on the letter of it, but do you care about the spirit of it! How many of your constituents are currently in the pursuit of happiness! Now I know Presidential Elections are a rough business and can be quite a brawl, but this one? We were just one step away from ‘Did not!’ ‘Did too!!’

Has it occurred to your political mind democracy comes at a cost. The defence of your liberties and the price of your mistakes and grandstanding?

Take a look at the table below


WAR                                      Deaths                                    Wounded       Missing

WWI                                       116,516                                   204,002           3,350


WWII                                      405,399                                   1,076,245        30,314


Korea                                      36,516                                     92,314             4,759


Vietnam                                  58,209                                     153,303           2,489


Gulf War                                      294                                     1,143               –


Iraq                                          4,497                                       32,222                    2


Afghanistan                            1,954                                       18,675                  –


And those are just the ‘big’ ones out of the 20th & 21st ( centuries…..well in the latter case…so far)

And those figures don’t include the grieving families and friends. Or the cost for the survivors.

And I’ve not even started on the figures for your emergency services who paid a price, nor your miners, steelworkers, railway workers, construction workers, oil workers, and the rest who paid it in putting together the bones and sinews of your nation.


The USA did not come cheap Boys ‘n Girls.

You owe all of those mentioned above…big!!

They gave you the place, quit turning it into a kindergarten playground!! (And while we’re about it, looking at you professional pundits and screamers who make big bucks just shouting your mouths off…I’ve heard more sense coming out of the other end of cows, and don’t think I’ve forgotten you folks who quote but don’t actually read the message of the Bible)

The USA deserves better.


Good day to you all (I’m off now to work up a similar charge at the UK govts & parties and maybe part of the public itself….I smell blood).

A True History of The Isles Part 15- The Road to 1066

As we are in the general region of the 950th anniversary of the The Battle of Hastings, there will be much written about the battle, with some very minor introductions concerning the events leading up unto the event. As the years leading up to 1066, are vital to the story it is very important a more detailed account should be given to explain the complexity. This seminar addresses the issue by looking back in a neat fashion to the beginning of the millennium.


Aethelred- Legally he was ‘The II’. Commonly he has been known as ‘The Unready ‘. Historian are quick to tell anyone within conversation distance that he was actually known as ‘The Unread’ which when you squash the ‘e’ & the ‘a’ together in saxon English means ill-advised. In Anglo-Saxon times saying ‘Aethelred unread’ was considered very funny.


It should be pointed out however that even if he was ill-counselled, that would mean he was never really ready, because he was not advised to be ready and so he was unready, to be ready, when he should have been ready just in case he might have been unready, as anyone who is ready knows there’s a chance of being unready and you have to be ready for that. Whereas if you are unready then you’ll never know when you should be ready.

If you see what I mean.

Aethelred was also bothered by Danes, who having learnt that Alfred was quite, quite dead had decided to come back again; which aside from being tough on the Anglo-Saxons was a bit unsettling for those Danes who settled some while back and were farming, fishing etc. Aethelred being ready to listen to bad counsel ordered a massacre of Danes on St Brice’s Day in 1002, hoping that slaughter on a Saint’s Day would make it alright.

It didn’t. The Danes didn’t see it that way at all.

Aethelred was obliged to flee to Normandy, hoping they would understand. For family reasons they did and he came back, and became king again, but not really being ready for the fact that a lot of Anglo-Saxon nobles including his son preferred Danes, then changed their minds, he became confused and died.

Edmund Ironside– Son of Aethelred. Despite this impressive name and trying to be a king, Edmund was unable to defeat the Danes and so agreed to divide the country up with Cnut who although as not as impressive sounding as his father Sweyn The Forkbeard was clever enough to allow his name to also be spelt as Canute as so acceptable to his subjects. As was common at the time Edmund was also so confused by the whole business that he died, but tragically didn’t know how or where.

Canute or Cnut The Great- Being a very astute and orderly ruler the first thing Canute did was massacre all those Anglo-Saxon nobles who couldn’t work out who should be king and of where; by the standards of those times this was considered a kindly act as it put them out of their misery and everyone who survived knew who was who. The next thing Cnut (or Canute) (The Great- Either Way) did was to tell all of the Vikings as he was ruler they couldn’t raid England anymore. Those who didn’t agree were obliged back to go Norway, Denmark or Sweden where they could fight those who would understand. This was a bad plan as Canute (or Cnut) simply followed them there to fight them back. The Anglo-Saxons didn’t have a problem with this. The next thing Canute did on returning was take a few days out sitting on a beach, soaking his feet in refreshing sea water and pondering on whether Cnut or Canute looked more impressive on the coinage; folk read far too much into that holiday. On realising he was now king of The Anglo Saxons, all the Danes and ‘some of the Swedes’ (presumably quite easy-going ones) he felt he should play safe and so went on a pilgrimage to Rome. Having achieved all of that and still ahead of the game he wisely died in 1035

Harald: As his brother Harthacnut was unable to get an exit visa out of Denmark due wars, rebellions, Norwegians and soliloquies and Harald was not doing much he said he was willing to take the job on. He wished this to be quite formal but due to the usual civil administrative delays he was not crowned until 1037. During his reign, he was obliged to rush about the country dealing with rebellions and exiled Anglo-Saxons trying to sneak back in and claim his father was not who he was and so they should be king. So fast was he, folk called him Harefoot. In trying to live up to this title he died of exhaustion in 1040; but safe in the knowledge he would be recorded as Harold the ‘I’.

Harthacnut; Because he knew he should have been king from 1035 and half-brother Harald was supposed to rule in his plaice but not become king, Harthacnut arrived knowing something was fishy. On finding out half-brother Harald had murdered step-brother Alfred who although not Great was Noble, Harthacnut was outraged; not because of blood ties but because one Earl Godwin an Anglo-Saxon earl had been implicated without being given permission. Because Godwin was powerful in his own rite; as was the custom of the times he was tried, found guilty, paid a large bribe and thus pardoned. This did not endear, Harthacnut to the people. His supporters hoping to bring back the glory days of his father Cnut (or Canute) tried rally support with the slogan “ Harthacnut is better than none’ but this did not work and so somewhat depressed Harthacnut drank a great deal and did manage to be favourable to the church. So although he died of the former he was due a good press from the latter.

At this stage there were no ‘nuts’ (pronounced ‘nutes’) left suitable to the role, thus was invited Edward, son of Aethelred The Unready to apply for the job. He appeared to have been ready.

Edward had on occasions led an exciting life having been obliged to flee to Normandy when England was overwhelmed by a wave the Danish Cnutes, some of whom had scared folk by having forkbeards (see Sweyn). In Normandy, he was convinced to try and pretend to be king by signing charters for the Normans, and even take part in an invasion but was blown off course and so couldn’t embark on the ships. For some time it was believed he survived off continental rabbits, but for the discovery of a misprint probably placed there by Danes. It was then realised he had lived on the generosity of several continental abbots and so people thought him very pious. As the last Cnut was but Hartha the man he used to be and dying BUT wanted to be seen to be going out in a religious way he therefore invited pious Edward to be king. Thus did an Anglo-Saxon and man of the House of Wessex return to be king. There was much celebration, by those who had time to celebrate.

Edward found that the House of Wessex was in such a rickety state that it was obliged to rely on the support of the Godwins who were earls who specialised in renovation, self-improvement and treachery. Edward avoided confrontation with them by saying as king he had to go to church every day to pray and make sure there was an Archbishop. If forced into being kingly he got around the thorny issues by simply picking fights with the Scots or The Welsh, which of course the English nobles approved of (unless they had made agreements with The Scots or Welsh). He also ordered assassinations of Scots or Welsh princes, kings, etc and got around this by telling someone in the church he had done it and  might be sorry. Thus he was seen as a very, very holy man became known as The Confessor for being such a good sport about admitting things.

In the later stages of his life he gave even more power to the Godwins and they naturally fought amongst themselves, as Edward confessed he didn’t know who was being loyal and who was rebellious and succumbed to confusion. Of which he promptly died on time in 1066 but not before confessing to his wife he’d quite forgotten about the heir business.

Thus was England left in a parlous position and the resulting events of 1066 will be discussed in the next seminar.

A True History of The Isles Part 14- The Nations Arise.