‘Of Patchwork Warriors’ Third Edition- Released

Set up on Amazon Kindle with its new cover.Of Patchwork Warriors

Of Patchwork Warriors

This edition is now out on at least Amazon UK & USA.

Although the story essentially remains the same, there have been a few alterations to dialogue and description in some focal parts of the narrative. And possibly this time the accidental typos, & transcriptions will have been minimised to just the number you come across in professionally produced publications.

For those who have not read this book it will be available for free to your kindle for five days commencing 5th May and ending 9th May ; reviews of any sort would be appreciated.

Anyone hereabouts of course can have a copy sent as a Word Doc, or pdf (or ‘pud-huff’ as we say in our house) just send me an e-mail to nnqp1863@yahoo.co.uk

It is therefore intended to be the last time I look at this volume apart from occasions when the manuscript is read for purposes of continuity in later volumes, or if someone who has read either edition asks me a question.

Thanks everyone for all your help, support, encouragement and example.

Frib! I’ve enjoyed the whole thing.

Just waiting for a cover for Vol. Two

In the meantime Vol. Three is starting up (I have an ending, or maybe a sort of middle, but as for the rest…your guess is as good as mine- my version of slalom skiing , on a foggy day)

A Novel: ‘Of Patchwork Warriors’ A Re-Launch of the Re-Launch

World Building: Fantasy-Lands, Nations & Administration in ‘The Precipice Dominions’

World Building. ‘Powers’ In ‘The Precipice Dominions’ Series

Fiction and World Building

The Precipice Dominions- One Writer’s Journey




Retread #3: Only now…

This is a very thought provoking post from Audrey.
Bear in mind these lessons

Audrey Driscoll's Blog

I originally posted this somewhat quirky set of thoughts about the word “only” back in June of 2014.

In the fourth of H.P.  Lovecraft’s stories serialized under the title “Herbert West, Reanimator,” West tells the narrator that a traveler collapsed and died while asking for directions at his door — presenting him with an opportunity for a really fresh specimen for one of his reanimation experiments. When the fellow comes back to life, he reveals to the narrator that West murdered him. But before that, the first words he utters as life returns to him are “Only now.” Unfortunately, with the return of full consciousness, the subject remembers his murder and never completes that intriguing sentence. Only now… what? Since H.P.L. was an atheist, it was probably not a secret of the afterlife. But “only” is an interesting word.

1. Only I can help you now.

2. I only can…

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Announcing My Premade Book Cover Service

Well worth a look writers

A Writer's Path

Hey all!

I’m letting everyone know that I’ve launched a premade book cover service. I’ve been writing more short stories lately, mostly under a pen name, and I’ve found it hard to find a book cover that isn’t impossible for a $0.35-$0.81 per sale royalty (depending on the marketplace/website) to pay off. I found a lot of premade covers in the range of quality I was looking for in the $70-$150 USD range, which is tough for short story sales, in my opinion. Novels are a bit of a different story, as they can pay off higher ranges much more easily, but still, it’s always nice to find a bargain.

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A Day at Temple Israel: Passover and the Holocaust

A timely reminder on where Hate leads

Padre Steve's World: Official Home of the Anti-Chaps

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

I had the distinct honor today of being a guest speaker at the end of the final Passover service for Norfolk’s Temple Israel Synagogue. They are a Conservative synagogue that is quite active in the community here. I met their Rabbi, Michael Panitz last year at a Navy Exchange Command Diversity Celebration. In the months following we have become friends and as I remain in the area after I retire from the military hopefully become close colleagues in the fight for religious rights as intended by the Bill of Rights.

I spoke on the topic of Bearing Witness in an age where the witnesses to the Holocaust are passing away and Holocaust Denial and anti-Semitism are rising, with a commensurate increase in anti-Semitic and racial base. Even today as we were finishing the service in Norfolk a synagogue in The area of San Diego came…

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A Novel: ‘Of Patchwork Warriors’ A Re-Launch of the Re-Launch

Book Covers:

I did enjoy setting up, photographing and then fiddling about with the original cover:


And for a while it seemed to suit.


As a tidied up the said volume so it would fit in with Vol II (Our Skirmishers of Steel, Fire and Lace) it occurred to me that whereas this cover might suit a record album cover, somehow it didn’t really deliver much about the larger content of the book.

Hey-ho and off to various book cover design sites.

A great deal of fun was had and some experience was gained; finally Canva was the one which seemed to suit my needs, abilities and reflect at least the characters. Thus ahead of yet another re-lauch I give you a peak at the new cover.

Book Cover 2

(Ok I can see it but don’t you dare not show this to any readers WP)


World Building: Fantasy-Lands, Nations & Administration in ‘The Precipice Dominions’

Any Way is Possible

Some writers have great fun with literally creating lands, others skirt around preferring to deal with the persons and circumstances. As with all writing both alternatives are fine, if handled correctly. ‘Correctly’ being that for the former, the reader enjoys or is interested by the visit, for the latter that the reader doesn’t notice it too much. And there of course are varying degrees of both. For I would never claim one approach is better than the other. As for myself I work in the middle ground, this may be due to a certain impatience to get selected things done. Always looking for flexibility and trying to avoid anything which might to bog down the narrative

Setting Up A Land

Since my ‘world’ could be fixed in a sort of future of this world AND my personal current location is on the western edge of Europe there was a tendency to look to this continent as a basis for the lands and nations. There were a few obvious similarities to the current distributions of populations and shapes of the continent, but great detail was avoided. Justifying this was quite easy. There had been ‘The Ethereal Arrival’ and in consequence a number of upheavals in climate and land masses (the latter probably caused by flooding and changes in sea-levels; the records are still sketchy). Overall though I had ‘A Europe’ in mind.

Any Maps?

I have some seen some marvellous maps portraying the lands in which fantasy books are set. I did try this on a couple of occasions, but the narrative tended result in far too many re-drawing of boundaries, there were even a few rather pronounced geological events, so the idea was dropped as not conducive to my processes. It was hoped folk could roughly envisage the overall picture from the narrative.

Peoples and Nations

Having set a background of a past Great Disruption allowed me to play fast and loose with the general population spreads as suited the narrative. Actually a positive minefield should these books ever became good sellers. Whereas places such as Tuscatalia had some sort of vaguely recognisable Italian base and some could be identified as sort of Germanic this was not always so. I fear some people of some communities and nations would be upset that they appeared to have been supplanted by others, for this I apologise, there was no slight intended. Bear with me, your turn might well come in future volumes. On this subject I would cite our own….

Deep History

A journey throughout history will show that folk tend to move around a bit. Consider Burgundy, currently identified as being a central France, to the east. The folk started off somewhere in Scandinavia, were in part of Poland and moved westwards. In the turbulence ‘my’ world experienced `, once more I cite upheavals.


Since a great deal of Fantasy which is not ‘Urban’ tends to be set in eras prior to the era we would recognise as the late 17th Century, empires, kingdoms and princedoms proliferate. I decided on a ‘Europe’ wide empire. HOWEVER since I personally find all encompassing (and suspiciously efficient) cruel empires places where clichés tend to lurk, my option was for somethings little more chaotic and resembling the Holy Roman Empire. In my empire The Oakhostian the standard administrative unit is a princedom (with large smattering of city states and other favoured units). The princes themselves have to be wary of their grand dukes who are often the ones with the vicious backbone. Emperors in all shapes, sizes and levels of effectiveness have come and gone, often reliant of the ‘organs of state’ to hold the whole thing together. These backgrounds allowed for a degree of flexibility in an era where no one is totally in control, states within states conduct their own agendas, princes try to survive their own grand dukes and a young emperor who no one rates plans his own means of imposing his will. This avoids the often ghastly cliché of the ‘Emperor’s Finest’ who are either from a religious office or some proto- palace guard and if not handled properly pop up like a clutch of pantomime villains grinning (possibly twirling moustaches) and picking on usually defenceless folk, with no one thinking to pick them off in guerrilla warfare.


First I am a Christian, by choice Catholic, with beliefs on Inclusivity which would probably get me finger wagged by a bishop and this I daresay has some sorts of influence. Historically once a religion becomes subsumed within the state apparatus there can be a tendency to become moribund in fervour of faith and more concerned with inconsequential minutiae. Thus was created in my world The Ecclesiastes. Whereas religion and its apparatus is all about the place its influence is mostly by convention, its feet on the ground The Translators are a mixed bag some heroic, some benign , some mean, others quite hopeless. There are the Custodians who are a sort of Inquisition and do scare folk when they turn up; Meradat is one but is scathing of his own brethren for avoiding the foremost threats. This area was something of a platform where I could poke a bit of fun at the needless excesses of all sides of the argument (including having positive figures in the religious organisations….that does annoy some dreary and sour folk, though they’ll probably not get to read my books). And there is The Libratery, the convents, if you like, who are quite independent, what their exact agenda has not been made clear, readers will have to either guess or wait. As per usual in Human Interactions there are also schisms and heresies none of these have figured much, yet.

And of course there are those who worship The Zerstorung (Demonish….). Well those ‘believers’ are idiots for a start off. Anyone who reads Vol I & II would realise those creatures are not going to give out any prizes to the bozos who show adoration to them. The Zerstorung are simply another bunch who have taken their place in and around the world and want (or ‘wants’) it. Nor do I care how ancient they are; they take their chances against things which in a very big way go ‘bang’ (Shadow Lords and Humans being very good at producing them).


Overall, once more, a lot of fun in creating this and again being flexible and avoiding too much detail, which with a sneaky thing such as The Ethereal/Stommigheid makes matters easier. I assert World Creating should be enjoyable, if you have to write up a small encyclopaedia of your world then I would advise you plan to do at least fix or six volumes otherwise your characters will never get a word (literally) in edgeways amongst all that detail being mentioned or explained.

Hope gives you some ideas on how to go about your own creating process.

World Building. ‘Powers’ In ‘The Precipice Dominions’ Series

Fiction and World Building

The Precipice Dominions- One Writer’s Journey



Through My Father’s Eyes by Sheila Jacob

Sheila, my wife is a very talented poet and after a great deal of hard work brought out this volume of poems all themed around her father who died when she a teenager. I did try to produce a post but everything I wrote fell flat.
Angela Topping’s post say it all

Angela Topping

I was recently sent this beautiful pamphlet of poems by Sheila Jacob. I have just started reading it, turning the thick cream-coloured pages with pleasure. The opening poem had me hooked, as the poet goes through a photo album full of happy memories, until she reaches blank pages when her father stopped taking photos. The last few lines are a punch in the gut: ‘as though Dad’s box-Brownie/ saw him cough into his handkerchief/ and clouded its glassy eye’ (Camera Shy). Another poem compares the poet to the son she could have been and all the things she couldn’t be to please him, because she was a girl. But the epiphany of the poem is realised when the father is angry for her bad Maths scores, and she can say sorry to her father, hug him, and do all the other things her non-existent brother cannot. True, he can’t fail…

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