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G7…well, well, well!! Some Folk are out of their depth.

Body Language eh?

Note Angela MerkelĀ  leaning forward. Note Trump staring into middle distance hoping she will go away.

And my favourite part of the shot. The Arch-Pest Bolton standing open mouthed not sure what to say.

This is never, ever going to grow old.


Go Girl Go


A Political-Style Appeal

Could I please, respectfully request all the erudite and intelligent folk who understandably place posts on their blogs attacking the current occupant of the Whitehouse to not use photos of him grinning or smiling. My relationship with my argumentative laptop is fragile enough as it is. If I see one more smug smirk I am going to lacerate my fist as it goes through the screen.

Thank you.

While I’m here….Sandy Hook Conspiracy folk (looking at you Alex Jones)

outrage1-620x350…..To you

And even…..


And those are the polite versions.

Thank you for your time.