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writers co-op

 – by Jim Webster

Have you noticed how there are people who never get the attention they deserve? Obviously it can work both ways. I know one or two people who really ought to come to the attention of the hangman, or perhaps that of a philanthropic assassin wishing to square his account with society. But there are also perfectly decent people who get overlooked or even ignored, often from the paltriest of reasons.

Take Morn Willit. A young man, handsome enough, intelligent, courteous and kind. Not only that but he had prospects. There again, there were unfortunate disadvantages as well. Firstly he was painfully shy. So shy that his two sisters feared he’d never pluck up the courage to speak to an eligible young lady, never mind ask her out to dine with him. Secondly he walked with a pronounced limp, from the time when a Partannese mace had…

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WP’s Ever Shifting Sands

Ok.Smug Remainer



I was on one of my frequent orbits which takes me out of the range of my friends on WP, hence a three day absence.

So I decide, ‘Right. Get back in the flow. You need to clear the demons out of your head (Trump, Conservative Leadership, Brexit, Farage and Jeremy Clarkson bitching about something mature useful folk take in their stride- the usual stuff). Get back with real people.

So I go back 3 days down the line and start ‘liking’ and ‘replying’, then I notice ….‘Hello WP is not recording one thing I do…Well bless me (or words to that effect). ‘Never mind’ Says I (or words to that effect) Angry Brexiteer

I shall log out and log back in and start with the latest working backwards’…..

‘My goodness’ says I (or words to that effect) ‘WP is still not recording anything  I am doing. Gosh’ (or words that effect)outrage1-620x350

So my apologies. I do hope WP stops impersonating  Trump, Conservative Leadership, Brexit, Farage, Jeremy Clarkson– ie being useless at contributing anything of value to society and lets me get back into contacting folk

In the meantime I shall take printouts of the above mentioned ‘persons’ line them up and do my Gunner Sergeant Hartman impressionGunner Sargeant Hartman

Best wishes to you all

(And thanks to everyone who has bought, accepted free copies of or read pages on Kindle’s Borrowing thingy of my two Volumes of The Precipice DominionsOf Patchwork Warriors




With Text 6

(What a ‘fudge’ of a subject for my 600th post…..or so WP tells me…hmmm?)

Clarifications and Repudiations

There are pros and there are cons as to self-publishing.  One of the quickest ways is through Amazon Kindle.
I must admit to a certain buzz at seeing four books with my pen name R J Llewellyn there on an Amazon page.
Returning to the cons side…However ther are naturally drawbacks to this short-cut system. One of these being the Amazon Search engine, which seems to be most enthusiastic in its endeavours not to leave any stone unturned. It is obviously concerned that in its efforts to be speedy it may leave out something. This in turn leads to a certain lack of discernment on its behalf, I cannot however be too critical though, to be so would be mean spirited. Therefore I take it upon myself to clarify certain matters

Academic Works

The following are my authoritative works on British history covering the period of first colonisation of the isles west of the mainland of Europe, up until the time Richard III expired on Bosworth field and Henry Tudor became Henry The VII (he was so efficient and austere he refused to be split into parts as had been the fate of Henry VI).

51vnj7ZqupL__SY346_                 History Vol II     Volume 2  

A True History of These Isles Vol. 1


Fantasy Series

The following are the first two parts of my Fantasy series The Precipice Dominions. This will comprise four parts and one prequel. There are three volumes from the same ‘universe’ which predate these and are self-published through Lulu, via Amazon but quite frankly are not really worth anyone’s effort and have been consigned to passing references in this series.

Of Patchwork Warriors                                             With Text 6Skirmishers

Of Patchwork Warriors

This sorted out
I must address the following:

Questionable Intentions 

Psycho mania

Now whereas I do admit to having certain strict, authoritarian styles of hard left-wing views on how nations should conduct themselves, these do have a benign sub-text and it seems to me a bit unfair to be associated in some form by this book, when my name does no appear in the contents or any of my works in the collection. In short it is nothing to do with me

Attribution not Fair to the correct Contributors

Regrading the following works, whereas it would be flattering to be associated with such detailed and academic works that are no doubt used as a form of important reference in the scientific areas covered therein it would be very, very unfair for me to claim any involvement whatsoever. Particularly as I do not understand the titles, much less the contents.

Improved Grasslands               Foodborn Disease


Therefore dear reader you are advised not to use my pen name when searching for my works. Rely only on titles, plugins and suchwhich.

Thank you for your time.

However I am very proud to be associated with this anthology

The Crux Anthology

Put together by the efforts of Rachael Ritchley Rachael’s Blog Site

Writer’s Block

You know how it is.

You have ‘it ‘ all there is your head, your heart, your soul, all bubbling away and yet you just can’t get the words onto the paper (or Word doc.). Something is getting in the way…..


Something is getting in my way, right nowMe……….



Got it…. of course……Brexit! (and the election for the leadership of the Conservative Party, they do get mixed up so)


Oh well, only one solution

Big Raspberry


That’s cleared my head

OK…on with the narrative.


Are Writers Born or Made?

Now here is food for thought folks

Story Empire

Hello, SEers. Mae here with you today. Recently, I’ve been thinking about stories I wrote when I was younger. Much, much younger. It made me realize how long I’ve been creating characters and worlds—with zero breaks in between.

Toddler age girl with long blonde hair at a typewriterThe first story I wrote happened when I was six. It was for a class assignment, but it makes me wonder if I hadn’t been fashioning stories in my head before that. Certainly, I never stopped writing afterward—ever. Sometimes people will take a break for a number of years, but for me writing has been a constant, ongoing, never-ending passion from childhood.

At six-years-old, I don’t think I set out to be a writer. It just happened. As I grew older, I fed the desire and followed the path, venturing deeper, pruning obstacles, and setting a concrete goal—that of published author. It’s been an uphill journey, filled with plenty of potholes, but…

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