Clarifications and Repudiations

There are pros and there are cons as to self-publishing.  One of the quickest ways is through Amazon Kindle.
I must admit to a certain buzz at seeing four books with my pen name R J Llewellyn there on an Amazon page.
Returning to the cons side…However ther are naturally drawbacks to this short-cut system. One of these being the Amazon Search engine, which seems to be most enthusiastic in its endeavours not to leave any stone unturned. It is obviously concerned that in its efforts to be speedy it may leave out something. This in turn leads to a certain lack of discernment on its behalf, I cannot however be too critical though, to be so would be mean spirited. Therefore I take it upon myself to clarify certain matters

Academic Works

The following are my authoritative works on British history covering the period of first colonisation of the isles west of the mainland of Europe, up until the time Richard III expired on Bosworth field and Henry Tudor became Henry The VII (he was so efficient and austere he refused to be split into parts as had been the fate of Henry VI).

51vnj7ZqupL__SY346_                 History Vol II     Volume 2  

A True History of These Isles Vol. 1


Fantasy Series

The following are the first two parts of my Fantasy series The Precipice Dominions. This will comprise four parts and one prequel. There are three volumes from the same ‘universe’ which predate these and are self-published through Lulu, via Amazon but quite frankly are not really worth anyone’s effort and have been consigned to passing references in this series.

Of Patchwork Warriors                                             With Text 6Skirmishers

Of Patchwork Warriors

This sorted out
I must address the following:

Questionable Intentions 

Psycho mania

Now whereas I do admit to having certain strict, authoritarian styles of hard left-wing views on how nations should conduct themselves, these do have a benign sub-text and it seems to me a bit unfair to be associated in some form by this book, when my name does no appear in the contents or any of my works in the collection. In short it is nothing to do with me

Attribution not Fair to the correct Contributors

Regrading the following works, whereas it would be flattering to be associated with such detailed and academic works that are no doubt used as a form of important reference in the scientific areas covered therein it would be very, very unfair for me to claim any involvement whatsoever. Particularly as I do not understand the titles, much less the contents.

Improved Grasslands               Foodborn Disease


Therefore dear reader you are advised not to use my pen name when searching for my works. Rely only on titles, plugins and suchwhich.

Thank you for your time.

However I am very proud to be associated with this anthology

The Crux Anthology

Put together by the efforts of Rachael Ritchley Rachael’s Blog Site


18 thoughts on “Clarifications and Repudiations

  1. I’m always puzzled when I enter an author’s name into the search engine at Amazon and get a dozen suggestions that were not written by that author and have seemingly nothing whatsoever to do with him/her. I see I’m not alone. I think they have to produce a certain number of results to any query, and therefore just throw things willy-nilly into the mix! 🙃

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s called boosting numbers, an old corporate trick to gain ‘weight’ in the advertising game. The more numbers you can show, the more you can charge for running an ad and the more ad space you can sell.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Sorry Roger, my bad. I wracked my little brain for a whole 20 seconds and realized that indeed, there is no other sort of capitalism. I think it’s high time we all de-capitalized…

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I dunno Simon, ‘The Foodborne Disease Handbook’ seems a bit price for a light read 😄.
      But seriously though folks….’The Crux Anthology’….you can’t go wrong with an Anthology.
      (I can send you pdfs of mine for free if you’d want…special offer to friends)

      Liked by 1 person

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