Official Book Launch


If you happened to have read

Of Patchwork Warriors

Amazon Kindle

And wondered what became of Trelli, Arketre & Karlyn

Then the answer is

With Text 6

Amazon Kindle

This volume should have been out 2 weeks ago, however the amazing cover produced by Matthew David Sharpe – (See Instagram: Odiousrule)  required one more re-write to do justice to his work. ( ie Karlyn & Hummingbirds, alteration for Arketre’s weaponry and  Trelli’s amazing hands)….and a couple holes being filled in the narrative. (the ones I noticed that is)  As stated previously actually folk will be buying a an image with a free book thrown in…see… Forthcoming Attraction!!

Whereas thanks to the miracles of Amazon science and technology the image (with free book) which was uploaded at 10.00 am (UK-BST) is now available, all interested folk are advised to wait until Monday 10th June 2019 when they will be able to get copies free…for 3 days only.

And for those of you who helped, suggested and inspired….please email for a free Word doc, or PDF (or pud-huff as it is known in our house).

It was fun, I can truly say I enjoyed the whole process even ditching a whole half of a book      Re-rewrites, Highlights and Reality-Bites (A journey through writing of The Skirmishes of Lace, Steel and Fire-Part II of a Fantasy )

Meanwhile onto Volume 3, fired up by the wonderful words of   Rachael Ritchley

‘Keep writing you mad, glorious man’


51 thoughts on “Official Book Launch

      1. Ma’m we had a sufficientness of it back last year!….Of course I told you that, then about 3.45pm BST went out into our wildness….garden…to do some weeding, the sky went dark, there was a clap of thunder, and it’s been raining since (9.10am BST) ☔️

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      2. Another friend posted on Facebook this morning a picture of her son, dressed and ready for school, wearing a winter coat and hat!!! Do you guys not realize that it is June, the official start of summer??? ☀️⛱️🏄

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  1. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    I have BIG news! Our friend Roger, aka Heroically Bad Writer, aka Woebegone But Hopeful, has just published the second book in his series, “The Precipice Dominions”!

    Volume II picks up where Volume I left off, and according to the author … “Arketre (Flaxi) and Karlyn (Kitlin) have been making the best of diversion into a North Eastern princedom, sort of where Estonia is; they are having something of an extended working honeymoon. Trelli is settled in somewhere which might be Italy learning to cope with her powers under the tutelage of the Devoteds a very strong and tight group of women. Although separated three are soon together again wrapped up in a confusion of hidden agendas and one invasion.”

    Curiosity piqued yet? Head on over to Amazon, or read Roger’s post here to find out how to get a free copy! And be sure to give Roger a big “congratulations”, for he has put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this book.

    Thanks Roger!!!

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    1. Thank you.
      It’s Fantasy-Lite (well compared to Game of Thrones!).
      Warning: Self-edited (as my wife says ‘You will not be told will you?’), also I had far too much fun writing it (not the usual blood, sweat and tears in the re-edits)

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      1. Thank you.
        We shall see.
        The important thing was I enjoyed writing this one and it a modest way, have to say, enjoyed every minute (even the re-writes of the re-writes and the editing of the re-written editings…. You know how it goes)
        Maybe I had too much fun for it to be a best seller….Ah well never mind.

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