Time4RealPeace: Listen To Afghan Women Voices

Let us not forget how many brave struggles there are

The Human Lens

The unending war in Afghanistan continues destroying lives, due to the direct consequences of violence and the conflict-induced breakdown, wide spread instability and chaos for the Afghani nation. 

Earlier this year, the US conducted the famous ‘peace process’ with Taliban leadership where drew an international outcry from the Afghani people across the world. Ironically, when the coalition arrived in 2001, it was made on the back of promises made to Afghan women and the future generations.

But people’s rights have since then been on the back burner and citizen voices are being suppressed for long under the guise of ‘we are saving them’ narratives. The lengthy peace talks meetings took place with two groups only, US and the Taliban and so far no breakthrough has emerged out of them. 

Many Afghans and international groups have taken to criticize this move which sidelines representatives from women, youth and campaigners out of…

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