5 Newbie Mistakes that Will KILL a Perfectly Good Story – Reblog (Kirsten Lamb)

More strong and wise advice to be considered by any writer

Author Steve Boseley - Half a Loaf of Fiction

I came across a blog post last week that was a reblog of a reblog. My first thought was ‘that’s got to be a good article, so I skipped over to the originator’s site and had a read and discovered the post you see beneath, from author Kirsten Lamb.

For me, the magic word was ‘Newbie.’ Although I’ve been writing for several years now, I still consider myself a newbie. Partly in the sense that I have no novel yet, but also because I feel that I always want to be in a state of ‘there is more that I need to know.’ And boy, is there a lot!

Kirsten lays ot some of the mistakes that we (as newbies) are prone to make. With me, Mistake #2 is one I am currently grappling with. I’m in the process of dealing with it, but it always bears remembering. Have…

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