‘Of Patchwork Warriors’ Third Edition- Released

Set up on Amazon Kindle with its new cover.Of Patchwork Warriors

Of Patchwork Warriors

This edition is now out on at least Amazon UK & USA.

Although the story essentially remains the same, there have been a few alterations to dialogue and description in some focal parts of the narrative. And possibly this time the accidental typos, & transcriptions will have been minimised to just the number you come across in professionally produced publications.

For those who have not read this book it will be available for free to your kindle for five days commencing 5th May and ending 9th May ; reviews of any sort would be appreciated.

Anyone hereabouts of course can have a copy sent as a Word Doc, or pdf (or ‘pud-huff’ as we say in our house) just send me an e-mail to nnqp1863@yahoo.co.uk

It is therefore intended to be the last time I look at this volume apart from occasions when the manuscript is read for purposes of continuity in later volumes, or if someone who has read either edition asks me a question.

Thanks everyone for all your help, support, encouragement and example.

Frib! I’ve enjoyed the whole thing.

Just waiting for a cover for Vol. Two

In the meantime Vol. Three is starting up (I have an ending, or maybe a sort of middle, but as for the rest…your guess is as good as mine- my version of slalom skiing , on a foggy day)

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