A Lesson Truly Learned (Learnt….whatever)


So this is how it ended….

OK, thought I would start up a site dedicated to my series of novels ‘The Precipice Dominions’

Vol I Of Patchwork Warriors 

Patchwork (revised edition…new cover pending)…Old edition currently avaiable on Kindle…. (New edition can be supplied by pdf on request…..Commercially bad move…..Who cares?)

And the ready for publication……(cover pending) Vol II’Our Skirmishers of Steel, Fire and Lace’  (Pdfs avaiable)

And I set up a site, I spent two days (daze) setting up a site….several times…..and now reports come in from friends that the link does not work.

I was vexed sturm_drang2 But not surprised…not where computer sites which have been recently revised are concerned. I took a mature and philosophical approach…..


Big Raspberry

And then decided it would be best if I just continued to use this site to discuss the world and the people of the books. For these are places and characters which have taken on a three (at least) dimensional form, this is quite exciting and has lent a serious level to my writing I have not used in pervious years.

Some might say this is just overblown marketing or jottings of someone who has nothing else to do with their time and just ‘gone in too deep’ (the latter would be ironic  as this is a problem one of the characters has). For me it would be a continuation of a naartive which has been going on for some time. And as is the case with most of my posts one of the intentions is to provide some basis for other writers to ponder over when producing their own work…..Not a ‘How To..’ more a ‘Make of it what you will’

OK I’m done for the present 

Risks and Things When Raising a Profile


11 thoughts on “A Lesson Truly Learned (Learnt….whatever)

  1. There can be but one conclusion, and it will require some serious investigation, my Lord Custodian Roger: it is my belief that WordPress has been invaded by characters from the Zerstorung. I know that is a serious accusation but facts pointing to such an event cannot be so easily ignored.

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    1. It is a good suggestion good Sha’Tara.
      We do however suspect some followers of the Obsidian Council who escaped arrest for the justifiable life-time incarcerations for the crime of Gross Stupidity. It has all the hallmarks of their bumbling.
      They will be hunted down
      If the Zerstorung got hold WP would be awash with blogs supporting the current Washington cabal for those miserable folk are their sort of creatures.


      1. So it is your belief that the invading Zerstorung creatures are still safely contained within Facebook and Twitter, as well as the various Houses of Political, Banking and Corporate Headquarters? I will accept your judgment on that and heave a sigh of relief for the time being.

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      2. “HTS” – heads up folks, its finally been diagnosed, Human Terminal Stupidity is an old mental condition now with a proper terminology. Soon to be added to The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5)

        Liked by 1 person

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