Risks and Things When Raising a Profile

So these books of mine, the series The Precipice Dominions

I never used to get this deep in my writing , or maybe to be more accurate taking seriously the process beyond the completion of the novel.


During the interlude of waiting for covers there was a great deal of stirring going on, something pushing me to take the whole business one step beyond the ‘throw’ away style of announcements and even considering the humorous approach to ‘marketing’ (is it?) was getting ‘old’.

It also occurred the possibility that the more I wrote about the books the more fresh material for later volumes would arise.

Could this be contained in one blog? Probably, but there again it seemed interesting to try and produce a series of entertaining and hopefully always fresh posts spinning out of these novels and the part of the fantasy genre they inhabit.


I give you:

The Precipice Dominions


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35 thoughts on “Risks and Things When Raising a Profile

    1. I’ve bowed to WP and used their brand new ‘block’ thing way of producing posts and slavishly followed the link procedure. See if that works Jill.
      I’ve spent a couple of days trying to get everything to work….WP displays a great deal of counter-intuitiveness….
      This wouldn’t have happened on a decent dark and windy wet day…hurrmph! 😤

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      1. Nope … now it takes me to a blank post on my own blog! The sun must be shining brightly, eh? WordPress is apparently on a mission to drive us all batty! What did you think of their new ‘block’ editor? I tried it once, found it took me twice as long to do my post, and set it aside. I imagine at some point they will force us to us it.

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      2. Oh shit! The sky is falling… the sky is falling!
        I tell you, Word Press does not like words like “Precipice” and “Dominion.”
        Why not she asks?
        Don’t ask silly questions, just don’t! Do not ask why the sky is falling; do not ask how fast the sky is falling, just realize it is falling and act accordingly!
        What does that mean, she asks?
        It means what it means… exactly what it means, you get me sweetheart?
        What I mean is, what do I do now that the sky is falling?
        You do what you’ve always done when the sky is falling.
        No ‘buts’ just do it.
        Do what?
        It doesn’t matter, the sky is falling.
        Are we starting that all over again?
        Oh just shut up.
        That was a record of a conversation with a WordPress happiness engineer just before the Great Collapse. After that, well, as should be expected, came the Great Silence.

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      3. From the rubble I arise with pen, paper, keyboard and my too swift fingets….(sic).
        The news of the Precipice Dominion novels shall be spread I tell you….
        In fact this episode has given me a plot line for Vol III (or Vol IV0 not quite sure yet.
        As the used to say…
        ‘What a way to run a railroad!’

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      4. I had a chat with a WP happiness engineer a while back about their better idea block thingy and surprise, surprise, they were not happy that I wasn’t happy with it. In the new world concept, when a corporation offers happiness, then there really is no choice for anyone to not experience that happiness and if I wasn’t happy with their offer, the problem is obviously and totally mine!!! Has anybody noticed that corporations are NEVER to blame for anything they caused that doesn’t work?
        “We, the unwilling, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much, for so long, with so little, we are now qualified to do anything with nothing.” ― Konstantin Josef Jireček

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      5. Not just me then.
        Back in the day when I played my part in keeping the UK running despite the best efforts of politicians, commentators and commercial highly paid ‘advisors’ (I was a lowest of low front line), a lot of our time was spent creating our own ‘work-arounds’ because of the lack of imagination by the computer-lords.
        So I heartily agree with that quote!
        Shut down the site and use my old tried & tested!


      1. And we have to take your word for it? Hah! OK, now that others have had the same issue with WP Gremlins on the loose, I guess that lets you off the hook… Oh, you’re so lucky…!

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      2. Your enthusiam is noted citizen. However Good Mistress Jill has spent many years fighting against the forces of darkness (and of late even worse… Idiocy). We must therefore excuse her sarcasm, for (looking skyward)
        To err is human and forgive….Devine.
        But as a reward for your concern you can go and burn down The Whitehouse.
        PS….Good elidian accent…Mr Silc can use someone of your ilk.


  1. I think the WordPress gremlins have won this round, Roger. I had the same results as Jill when I clicked on the link. A Google search on The Precipice Dominions brings up only the Amazon page for Volume 1 and a bunch of irrelevant stuff.
    Keep at it!

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    1. Arrgh…Enough time spent on this. Closing it down and using my trusty old site.
      Back to basics….Still the two days spent have not be wasted….Lesson learnt when it comes to WP….
      1. Leave well alone.
      2. If it an’t broke….don’t fix it.

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  2. I got here simply by clicking on the title of the post. I don’t know for sure but I think that I am actually here. Where “here” is, is another question, for another day, but at least I’m here, aren’t I? I wish I could be sure though…

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    1. Your perserverence Sha’ Tara is an inspiration to use all.
      In the midst of all this you can say ‘I journeyed and reach there’.
      ‘There’ being shut down as off 10.00am British Summer Time (another damn silly idea).
      Oooh I am in my censorious mood this morning, just as well I am not compiling a list of idiots….it woudl take all day.

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