Rachael Ritchey on The Making of an Anthology.

Never mind about me. Read the whole book. And check in with Rachael a champion for the starting out/unknown writer

Fiction is Food

Last November saw me alongside fifteen other authors published in The Crux Anthology. This is Rachael’s story on how it unfolded.

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15 thoughts on “Rachael Ritchey on The Making of an Anthology.

  1. Awesome of you to shout this out! I figured Rachael needed a special accolade after all she’s done for us almost authors! Best of luck with your projects too…. which reminds me, I do author spotlights too so when the epic is published let me know and I can feature you too!

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    1. My pleasure.
      I’ve been following Rachael’s blog for a few years now and she really puts her heart and soul into not just her own writing but in encouraging others.
      Thanks for the opportunity! The book is finished, just waiting for a cover from my son’s friend who is an impressive artist and ready to Rock ‘n Roll!
      Best wishes

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      1. Yes indeed Rachael is one of the stars in a writer’s night sky.
        I certainly will Gary. There was a series of 3 self-published comic fantasy novels, which were a bust(all the usual mistakes). And published with a ‘yeh y’know, whatever attitude’ (marketing is my great weakness)
        A year or so I completed ‘Of Patch Work Warriors’, set in the same universe but more restrained and on Amazon Kindle (and probably needs another slight re-edit….sigh). This latest book ‘Our Skirmishers of Steel, Fire and Lace’ is Vol II picks up with the same characters…and I have to admit to a sneaky feeling of ‘job-well-done’ this time.
        I owe this to three years on WP picking up advice, words of wisdom, those of encouragement, sharing experiences and just hanging out with folk who write.
        Thanks again

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      2. Very true wrt Rachael. I met her through blogging too and have spotlighted her before with The Beauty Thief.

        It sounds like you’ve learnt a great deal from the previous publishing too. If you’re finding that job well done feeling then I’d say everything up to now is part of that learning curve. That and here. I’ve got to know a load of writers, editors and proofers. Tonnes of advice too. And, over time, some great friends. The latter I never expected either. Same with countries. So many friends in such a wide range of places. Who’d have thought that would be a byproduct of blogging?

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      3. At least until you get to know us better!! Seriously though I hear what you say. There’s also some fabulous Twitter communities for writers too. I’ve found them very helpful too!


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