The Return of The Wayward Writer

My Absence


There are times when it just gets you. Y’know?.

I appeal you who are writers of fiction to back me up on this. The time when The Book takes over, and all of your creative powers are drawing into the swirling nascent stellar body which is, to use the vernacular ‘Your Baby’.

I would tease out the cosmological analogy a smidge more by way of explanation. Stars commence as clouds of dust, an event causes the cloud to contract, gravity kicks in more and more dust gathers together, pressures build up, the event grows hot building up to a crucial temperature when nuclear fusion takes place and what was dust becomes a star.

There is a risk with using this description. Mean folk of negligible talent who carp but never write will pass cheap comments about arrogance and vanity for the writer daring to compare their work to a stellar event. HA! I say…in fact I say ‘HA!’ again. In a writer’s own universe, the creation of their book is as such, and a writer has good cause to celebrate.

Anyway, to clarify:

My Second Volume preceded by ‘Of Patchwork Warriors’. Book Cover 9(kindle -Amazon)
My second volume: ‘Our Skirmishers of Lace, Fire and Steel’ (or maybe ‘Our Skirmishers of Steel, Fire and Lace’, I’ve not quite decided). This continues the involvement of Arketre Beritt, Karlyn Nahtinee, and Trelyvana Waywanderer (an adopted name. For most of her life she was simply known as ‘Trelli’) in events in the physical world of the Oakhostian Empire, the otherworldly power which going by many names permeates all, the unsettling other realms which its existence made possible and the beings inhabiting therein.

Those of you who were following my many travails will know the original version of the novel when tested on the re-write suffered from instant ‘wheels falling off’. Here are few of the errors:

Humour, and pretty puerile humour at that, in the wrong places.

Plots wandering off into sub-plots with no immediate relevance.

Characters who made a big fuss at the beginning fading into obscurity half way through with no good reason

Circumstances from Vol I being repeated with new scenery in Vol II.

Minor characters who should have been important wandering in and out with a confused air about them to blurt out a few hurried lines then vanish again.

An excess of sub-plots.

A rushed conclusion with previously unforeseen events forced in to make it work.

And whereas I do like sort of happy endings, riding off into the sunrise just looked…. odd

Naahh it wasn’t working.

For those of you who have been through similar experiences you know the agony and the weariness which assails the writer on having to start up again, having to shed yourself of the notion all the time previously was a waste. The latter is a falsehood. If you’ve not been along this road yet you have to appreciate the first draft is always bad and the second one won’t be much better and so on and so on, you’ve simply found the way which won’t work.

A re-write is like that only far heavier. But what must be done must be done.

It was fairly plodding to begin with, trying to use large chunks of the previous writing, having to ditch them, pondering here, pondering there.

Then back to the star analogy, around about December the narrative took on a very strong momentum all of its own, the whole work was demanding to be finished, all the necessary parts were in place on paper on in my head, heart and spirit; the final coalescence was taking place. So, what with the seasonal activities joining in everything else had to take its place in line, all creativity was being fed into the book, all writing time subsumed into the finish. My own version of nuclear fusion was taking place right here in my universe.

And so, here I am on the re-read. Sure, aside from spelling, syntax and so forth one or two bits are being edited out, but only so the good of the main narrative.

Over the next few posts I will be going into this. This will not be an exercise in how I expertly navigated problems, nor a course in ‘How-To’ (In this blog?…….The very idea!). These will be simply one writer’s journal of their experiences. The reason for cataloguing them will be to share with other writers along the lines of:

Oh. Not just me then.

Hmm. Must make sure I don’t do that.

Oh yeah. That’s interesting I think I could improve on it though.

Ahh, I wonder if something similar might work for me.

Hey, there’s hope for me yet!

There might even be some time given to ‘The Marketing Thing’.


I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

PS: Thanks to Charles for pointing out it’s ‘fusion’ not ‘fission’…..curse that cup of coffee!






18 thoughts on “The Return of The Wayward Writer

    1. The paternal line of my family always passes from this physical realm with ‘a fine head of hair’.
      Actually it was a good time Jill…I’m planning on doing a series of posts on the whole experience and approach(es). Not so much to try and ‘sell’ myself more as a set of examples which one writer encountered.
      Hopefully it might be useful for others.

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      1. True, but perhaps your ancestors didn’t have the incentive to pull their hair out by the fistfuls. I will look forward to your series of posts … I will learn something, I’m sure, for I always do learn from you.

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      2. Hi Jill
        Thanks for the advanced Vote of Confidence (I’ll share it with PM May!).
        There was no hair tearing, just a lot of absent-mindedness in connection with the real world, as I wandered through ‘Skirmishers’ world.
        Anyway hopefully the posts will elaborate on the processes which confront all writers

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      3. I was pleased to see that Ms. May survived the vote of ‘no confidence’ today. I don’t know what comes next, but at least this was good, yes? I understand, based on several articles I’ve read, trying to better understand the situation, that an extension in the timeline for leaving could be a possibility? What do you think are the odds, for it seems to me that more time is needed?

        Looking forward to your posts!

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      4. The problem Jill is this:
        Both the political systems and the public are still riven by divisions and feuds which make compromise and agreement extremely difficult.
        This would be bad enough if there were still years to go but the 29th March in political & administrative terms is just a spit away. Across the spectrum of businesses and services folk are trying to make contingency plans while the idiot-wing of society still shouts, and refuses to budge. The EU is fed up with the lot of us.
        It is hard to predict. There is a real possibility of leaving with ‘No-deal’ which would cause all sorts of problems and attendant panics within the national structures. This is turn will lead to a great deal of rancour in all directions. It will then result is several unhappy years before a new grouping emerges to take hold of the wreck of a nation.
        At best what we can hope for is a lot of fudge and several extensions to the ‘Leave date’ as we limp along. The bizarre aspect to this would be there will elections to the European Parliament in May of this year.
        It is a mess and as a nation WE have no one to blame but ourselves and the sooner folk start accepting their part in this mess the better.


  1. It’s funny, just yesterday I asked myself, ‘I wonder what’s happened to Roger, then thought, leave it alone, he’s busy with his sequel. And here you are, bright eyed ad bushy tailed. If I give myself the time, I find that writing, just for the sake of writing has many things going for it. To me a good novel carries some great theme, either of redemption, of courage, or demonstrates something terribly wrong with society and attempts, through its characters, to express how such a wrong can be righted. I prefer writing short stories, essays and articles but when I engage a longish piece, say 300 pp. or more, after laying it out in proper chapters I break it down into short segments of 3-5 pp. and study each one as I go through one of many re-writes and edits. I have found also that it’s better (for me) to write my novel with feverish abandon, going like mad until it naturally runs its course, like a flash flood, then leave it for a time to hang and dry, maybe leaving it on the line for years before taking it up again. Then I’m in charge of it, not the characters who have all had time to get to know each other and simmer down. The current novel I’m blogging segment by segment is one such, and I’m very pleased with the results. This process just means I won’t be writing a hundred novels, but at least none will be “pulp fiction.” …and yes, welcome back!

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    1. Thanks Sha’Tara.
      I did have to ‘lock myself away’ because the narrative had reached the critical point of mass confusion where all the main players piled in in disjointed ways and the three central characters had to cope, survive and do what they could.
      It was exacting but exciting, no messianic figures with perfect solutions, no sudden ‘I see the light’ interludes and no neat endings.
      There now comes the ‘nip & tuck’ process with the re-read/re-write.
      I plan a series of posts just as an illustration of the circumstances an author encounters on the journey.
      Your flash flood approach is very similar to mine, some of us work best that way, only mine tends to bring up a lot of mud which needs to be cleaned away! It is so important for the characters to get to know each other and familiarise themselves with the world they are now in, you are quite right in your approach.
      I will have to catch up!
      The important thing above all else is to write (right?). And get the work out there in one form or another, thus does it resonate amongst people.
      Good ventures.
      And thanks.
      Glad to be back!

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  2. Just yesterday I was thinking, “Haven’t seen any posts from Roger for a while. I hope he’s OK.” And forsooth, here you are and the writing (rewriting) is going well. Good to hear that, and I’m looking forward to posts about your experiences!

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      1. Arketre, Karlyn and Trelli took me by the hand and nudged me out of their world. Trelli was the most kindly.
        ‘Now you go and tidy up your spelling and syntax Roger. We’ll be fine having some time to repose and relax’
        I won’t be taking up Karlyn’s suggestion this all should be done sitting up a tree.
        Nor did I take up Arketre’s offer of weaponry to storm Parliament over Brexit (she’s had a very tough time, currently sees solutions in military terms)

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    1. Thanks Audrey
      It’s been a good journey, probably more fun than I deserve, although I did pace the kitchen floor quite a bit working out ‘the next chapter’; things around the house were mis-placed on account of my mind being else where, but on the whole it’s worked.
      Writing a chaotic situation where several players are involved and none of them with all-seeing-all-embracing plans was quite a ride!
      I do want to share this experience, just as a set of illustrations of one writer’s journey.
      Thanks again.

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