A Writer (and Diarist?)’s Challenge

A writer should never shirk from addressing challenges in message nor description, despite the social or self-imposed barriers they encounter. After all, the very essence of writing is to strive, to reach and then even break through those barriers, never worrying about the reaction. A writer, in this aspect must display boldness.Victorian writing

The task confronting me was another episode of tardy attention upon WP and lack of interaction with my good friends upon the community. There was good reason. However, to explain this required a deft, one might say diplomatic approach. If I simply cited illness or incapacity and left the business there, then all sorts of wrong intimations might arise, unwarranted concerns would be expressed, and a farcical air of melodrama would impinge upon my blog. This would not do.Social Graces

There again. And here is the overriding problem. An average British male, in their late 60s b85885aa0fd01f0cbebaa2798639b472





aware of the number of lady readers to his blog does simply not feel at ease in going into, in this case the relevant detailed description. Now, whereas we all have secret chuckles at ‘Carry On’ films, these are normally conducted in more domestic matters. To utilise this approach simply would seem, well crass.

Therefore, I explain the circumstances of the last several days in a slightly cryptic manner and trying to avoid the Too Much Information syndrome. These facts and opinions are for your considerations.

Yeast. Not to do with baking. Medical. Jokes about yeast making things rise no longer seem remotely funny.

Not all conditions respond to medicines. Some require surgical responses, lest conditions get worse. Gender reassignment is not a phrase I personally, in my lifestyle ever thought a possibility.

Not to worry, having imagined conversations with idiots on the Web-footed Rightalexjonesrandpaul-alexjonesimage  and Fashionable LeftPompus
over their laughably ignorant notions of biblical surnames and surgical procedures was quite amusing; almost tempting me to indulge their ignorance…..My imagination does get vivid at times.

The UK. Our NHS….yes it does surgical procedures on a Sunday. So the NHS works, despite the antics of governments, the slimy efforts of money-making corporations and hapless misconceptions of the 8d8f41c1217d3007621ceda397c48ef6Trumpster Propagandists in the USA.

Being under general anaesthetics gives you real clarity as regards Napoleon’s victory at the battle of Austerlitz in 1805.

Of course, being in Britain recovery in the recovery room is aided by a nice cup of TEA!cuppa_tea_1660618c

The removal of a surgical dressing by one’s spouse can be quite an intimate episode (I’m talking about shared trust and tenderness….what are some of you thinking about?).

Why does going to a hospital or attending Mass cause one to catch a cold?

Like, Slowness City man. Move legs won’t you? Brain stop drifting! Hey, that snooze just sneaked up on me! How come it’s hard to concentrate on Comic Books?

Whereas I do not take nor approve of recreational drugs the residual after effects of a general anaesthetics did help with a tricky few chapters of my current book and gave me whole new insights into the songs out of ‘Cats’ ‘Mr.Mistoffelees’ and ‘Bustopher Jones’ as they travelled through my head day after day, without the least bit of annoyance.

In conclusion, fellow male readers. Do not wince or shudder. In comparison with what our dear ladies have to go through in life….

Mate, like this is nothing!

‘Bustopher Jones is not skin and bones –

                                    In fact, he’s remarkably fat.

                                    He doesn’t haunt pubs- he has eight or nine clubs,’


Love that song……


12 thoughts on “A Writer (and Diarist?)’s Challenge

  1. Did I hear the “All Clear!” siren? Good, all better and all that with a bonus of additional inspiration. Congratulations on a quick and definite recovery, Roger. Now do take good care o’ you!

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    1. Thanks Sha’ Tara.
      My darling wife of 45 years is a wonderful nurse AND a firm but fair supervisor. I am doing as I am told.
      Had some real clarity into the world of Karlyn, Arketre and Trelli…All makes sense BUT it is certainly not like ours.


      1. Well, one should expect it to be quite different as the etheric walls between the Astatheia and Zerstorung are much weaker and flexible than those of earth between heaven and hell. We seem to be better protected here but on the other hand what we gain in security we lose in excitement and romance!

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      2. The girls looked over my shoulder and read your post Sha’ Tara.
        Karlyn said something similar.
        Arketre being a soldier voiced the opinion she could do with less of the former and more of the latter.
        Trelli said she would follow anyone who could lead her to a quieter and basically domestic life (then made some rather earthy comments about the unlikelyhood of that happening….the mouth on that young lady these days!)

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  2. paulapederson.com I wrote the following on my current tech break, if that’s what it is, because WordPress and Facebook now escape me. (Long ago decided to leave Twitter to our President). So maybe this response on reader will work.
    Thanks for your comments. — When I chose a Seattle “mentor” 3000 miles away to help market my East Coast book, my son told me “Mom, she’s scamming you because you’re an old woman.” True. — Arriving back in North Carolina between two October hurricanes/floods plus a car accident required innovations to my family care-taking role. — Then the Chinese offered a $.99 Amazon download to my book.
    “The world is too much with me,” so I’ve dumped the Seattle “mentor,” begun to read again and soon plan even to listen to music too. What freedom! Relaxed now, ideas crop up here and there. Maybe I’ll get to them later.
    Thanks for your subtle wit and generous blog shares. You do encourage others to pick up the pieces and carry on.

    But first of all, get well soon!! May the change of pace make you a new man.

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    1. Hello Paula.
      Thank you for your kind comments.
      Yes, many of us have been through the scamming stage. And we all stare at a keyboard and wonder ‘What am I doing here?’ Sometimes we either have to take a break or a clean break and walk away; there is no disgrace in either, these are positive choices. I will support a person in either.
      We are after all Community.
      I’m feeling ok thank you, ‘on the mend’ as we say.
      Take care and enjoy your books and music.
      All the best.


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