Thoughts of a Raggedy Writer

Please note I have my special quirky hat today, well actually I usually do, but it is necessary to state the matter in case folk might think there is a tinge of self-pity here…Nope! Brexiteer

Truth be known this another of those posts in which I heroically show how not to do things.Handel_GF

One of my volumes is 51vnj7ZqupL__SY346_
this book contains a dedication to one of my grandson’s Jim. It is in memory to the long talks we used to have over history whenever he came to visit. The realisation dawned he did not know about this, so off went an oblique text and the said book was made ‘free’ for a few days so it wouldn’t ‘cost’ him. He was happy, I was happy he was happy and all well and good.

Then came an e-mail from Amazon about royalties which usually indicates in the last quarter someone has downloaded a kindle copy of one of the three volumes out there. Curiosity was piqued.

The Report page indicated on the 1st day of the above mentioned free period some 40ish copies had been downloaded, this was instructive as no mention had been made publicly and my grandson been a couple of downs before he downloaded.

So conclusion was made that folk must check for free books on Kindle. How do they do that?…..errr…..dunno. One of the many aspects of marketing etc which remains a mystery to me. One of the many which I have never bothered to check on.

Maybe there will be one review out of it. You have to be realistic. Folks sell thousands of books, but don’t get thousands of reviews; that would look odd, if you ask me.

Anyway, dear readers the moral of the post is as I and many others have mentioned:

If you want to have your work known to the public, if you hope to sell copies, you have to do some work in these areas, you have to have some sort of knowledge as to how ‘things’ work. Whereas producing a book is hard work, having the final product in the public arena is a whole different matter. There is more sweat, there are hard knocks if you have an editor, there are costs if you wish to have a professional cover, there is much to be done on social media, and there’ll be more except this raggedy writer doesn’t have much idea what the ‘more’ is, other than even after all that there could still well be disappointment; it is a fact of writing.

One day….One day, I keep telling myself, matters will be approached in a stern, mature and semi-professional way….. One day. After all I am retired. I worked in an office and was counted as reasonably good at organisation (and as a servant of H.M Queen Elizabeth II had to churn my way through UK Income Tax law). So what is the problem…. One day it shall be attended to and the world will be aware of my works.

By now you should have a notebook out with comments such as:

‘Must not be like that!’

‘Do the opposite of whatever he has done’

‘There’s hope for me yet!!’

‘Find serious blogs on being published,’

‘Find out how Kindle Works’

‘Find out how anything works’

‘A taxman/revenue agent- spawn of darkness- does not deserve to succeed in writing, there will be hidden apocalyptic messages bringing forth The Beast’Solution to Frivolity

And thus dear readers journey outwards, remembering if you wish to become published and recognised writing the book is only half the work. Th rest will be hard; there will be no easy paths. This cannot be sugar-coated

In the meantime, on reflection I may be content to be a raggedy writer, maybe I am not just cut out for that extra push, thus maybe my work will stay forever in small forgotten corners. Maybe that is good, maybe it is bad, maybe it is neither. After all there are more types of writers than are dreamt of in anyone’s philosophy.  William Shakespeare                                                               That sounds familiar.


9 thoughts on “Thoughts of a Raggedy Writer

    1. Thanks Keith.
      It is a very hard road starting writing from scratch.
      The most interesting facet is viewing the differing approaches between new and independent American and British writers.
      Americans tend to have the ‘Can Do’ approach and are not afraid to put their book ‘out there’ even if it means their own ‘leg work’ and positive promotion.
      British writers who have created their own first novel tend to have a mindset which can come across as:
      ‘Well, this is my book. I mean, it’s not wonderful, but if you might have the time to read a copy that would be nice,’ (To themselves ‘Oh dear I do hope that didn’t sound too forward’)
      I will continue to write for the love of it, and if anything financial should come out it that will be a pleasing happenstance.
      All the best.

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      1. Roger, while a generalization, the comparison seems apt. Yet, it is more the mindset. Your blog and post writings connote a desire to get it right or, at least well said. You would be more mindful of having the book be well written. Others want to share what they have to say, regardless of veracity. There are an abundance of public people who fit this bill. They equate popularity with being correct.

        A good sales person will usually beat the pants off a scientist in a debate. This is how talking heads side-by-side have been able to perpetuate “climate change is a hoax.” Just because he or she won a debate as the scientist sees a more subtle and complex answer that is hard to boil down, does not make the debater correct. What you have to say should be heard.

        Best wishes, Keith

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      2. Thank you very much indeed for your kind words and insight.
        I will take these as affirmation and thus encouragement to continue on ‘my own sweet way’ of writing.
        If even only a handful of folk like a book, find the narrative entertaining and enjoyable, then I am content.
        All the best


  1. Someday I expect I will see a book by Roger Jacob Llewellyn in the new books section at Barnes & Noble. Until then, get busy and write that one!!! By the way, Roger … I get a monthly list from Amazon via email of books that are free for that month, or for a specified period. I’m sure it isn’t a comprehensive list, but I wonder if the authors are aware of it? There is another outlet, too … I cannot remember which of many it is … perhaps Bookperk … that keeps subscribers informed of books that are free or significantly reduced in price.
    Write on, my friend! 📙 📗 📘

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  2. You can get constantly updated reports on what’s happening with your books on Amazon KDP. Sign in to KDP as you would if you were going to publish another book or make changes to an existing one. That takes you to your Bookshelf, which displays all your books with their cover images. Right next to the Bookshelf link is one called Reports. That takes you to the Sales Dashboard, a graph that shows you both sales and free downloads. You can find lots more data there as well, to the point you’re spending way too much time with it.

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