Meet My Sponsorship Friends

Here is some more cleverly put inspirational advice from Yecheilyah

The PBS Blog

Being an Independent Author / Publisher can be expensive. Many self-publishers do not have large teams of people and companies rallying behind them or supporting them financially. And yet, Self-publishers cannot expect to do well without producing quality content. So, today I’d like to introduce you to my new sponsorship packages! Meet The Bookworm, The Readerpillar, The Writerfly, The Editing Eagle, The Love Bug, and Mrs. Professional! They each have their own personalities, pet peeves, and special benefit packages.

The Bookworm

Meet The Bookworm! Bookworm loves to read, sometimes to his detriment. He’ll read anything. He’s especially fond of characters who wear glasses like he does. Just don’t tell him to go to bed early. That really gets under his wormy skin and when he starts to remove his glasses, watch out! That means he’s especially upset. How dare you tell him to stop reading to go to bed. He’s…

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The Geeky Guide to WordPress – Adding blogs and people to your site.

Now here’s another interesting tip from Simon. Check out his blog always something different going on.

Planet Simon

As I’ve been doing this blogging thing a little while now and it seemed a good idea to pass on a few of the things that I’ve learned over the five years that I’ve been doing this. In easy and often geeky steps you’ll be taken through the steps and point out the pitfalls of taking your blog seed and growing it into something really amazing.

Adding people to your site is a neat little way of helping collaboration between blogs, without having to email or all of the other cumbersome ways to share a post it’s a great way to enable others to write to your site.

One of the other uses of adding people is if you’re running multiple blogs – there’s a lot that can be done by adding them – this post explores how this is done.


By adding a person to a blog they can…

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