Inspiration Take 2: More Book Cover Design

Just look at these book covers folks. Seeing them just begs for you to finish your latest and contact Rachael.

Rachael Ritchey

And to add to what I posted earlier this week, here are some updated covers and designs to peruse. The titles and author names are fictitious! Just insert your name and title and voila!

015 051

026c 052

028 053

030 a 054

031 a 055

036 056

037 057

038 a 058

040 059

041 060

050 061

051 062

052 063

053 064

Thanks for taking a gander! If you have questions about cover design, I’m an improving amateur designer but love answering questions based on what I know.


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17 thoughts on “Inspiration Take 2: More Book Cover Design

  1. Hi there my friend! There’s a book in me and one day it will be birthed but in the meanwhile I’ll just have to live vicariously through friends like you!
    I pray that you and yours are well!
    I’ve missed you guys.

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      1. The reference, of course, was to that famous Aussie song, Waltzing Matilda… not your thing then, huh? Mine either. Tried it once also, just once. Shoulda taken lessons, I guess! Making a fool of yourself in private isn’t as bad as in public, especially when you want to impress a certain someone and you bolstered your confidence with a couple of drinks – illegally, of course! I can still feel that floor rising up to slam me in the butt.

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      2. LOL! Very interesting. I didn’t catch the reference.
        I actually had a brief lesson in school for a formal dance. Imagine me and a bunch of my high school friends trying to gracefully waltz…we were stepping on toes left and right! LOL!! That was my only experience with the Waltz πŸ™‚
        Thanks, I’ve learned something new today.

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      3. Ah this’ Of Matilda’ is a reference to a couple of formidable women who were queens in the British mid 12th Century. By chance they were on opposite sides of a civil war called ‘The Anarchy’. Along with Eleanor of Aquitaine they are right up there in the Tough Intelligent Women league. (I refer to R J Llewellyn’s seminal work on the subject…..sorry I tried to keep that hid! πŸ˜ƒ)


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