Brexit- A Summary of the Current Position

You may or may not be aware that two minsters from  the British Government have resigned over the Brexit Crisis t08-is-this-whist-may-i-askThese are

David Davies (Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union)

Minister of the Crown

And Boris Johnson (Man What Occupied the Office of the Foreign Secretary, while they tried to find someone competent)

Boris Johnson

Nevertheless the Government has continued in its stalwart mission to find a constructive and intelligent solution

British Cabinet

Under the guidance Prime Minister Theresa May

Theresa May

The Brexiteers are of course upsetAngry Brexiteer(BEEEETRAYED!! ARRRGUH!!)

And us Remainers are somewhat insufferable

Smug Remainer


For ordinary folk the situation is not helped by various commentators, pundits and supporters of all sides coming in with their own favoured explanations:

Confused person on Brexit (For a lucid and clear explanation as to how the British keep getting into these messes, suggested reading is History Vol II(a snip at 0.99p through Amazon Kindle)

The Official Opposition; The Labour Party continues to claim a co-ordinated and innovative approach:

Labour solution

frowning-puritan-CROPDespite a few disagreements.

Meanwhile the nation carries on……Social Graces

Towards a bright and glorious future

Britain after Brexit

Cheered by the thought it could be worseJerk




46 thoughts on “Brexit- A Summary of the Current Position

    1. Thanks Lucy.
      After the excellent number you did on him in ‘Who Shot Tony Blair?’ – no chance!
      I think UKIP might be fracturing, aside from mainstream UKIP, there might be the Democratic United Kingdom Independence Party or ‘Duk-ip’ and the Free United Kingdom Independence Party; which would be quite a problem for broadcasters! 😉

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      1. And still too polite, in my humble opinion. At an event last Christmas time I was landed speaking to a smartly-dressed but seemingly simple gentleman. Believing him to have learning difficulties of some kind, I adjusted my conversation accordingly. Imagine my amusement when I was informed he was the Education Minister for UKIP!!

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  1. Roger, the question staring me in the face about Boris is why back out when things are moving forward with an agreement? Boris was adamant about Brexit and now he wants to walk away. You and I have discussed that Brexit will be more harmful financially to the UK in the long run and we have seen a number of companies move or consider moving EU headquarters from the UK. Plus, the younger generation likes the freedom of the EU membership. But, I am an outsider looking in, so my opinion matters not.

    To me, Boris is bailing as he does not want his name associated with a process that will be rocky and harmful. I learned yesterday that he had been an anti-Brexit person before he was in favor. I found that interesting as it continues to paint him as a self-serving politician that too many end up to be. Keith

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    1. I have to admit firstly Keith to not liking the man, even before he became involved in the first tier of politics.
      You are quite correct. He is basically a self-serving butterfly who is dedicated to the cause of ‘What’s Good for Boris’. His commitment to a cause, any cause is thus in the long run lightweight.
      His tenure as Foreign Secretary bore striking parallels to Trump as President including tasteless remarks, no attention to detail and a general lack of interest in the hard spade work of the job.
      This is best summed up by his final day, when he was supposed to be hosting a meeting of important officials from Balkan Nations, instead he did not have the common decency to finish that task, they arrived, he did not..
      He is a fellow with aspirations to be Prime Minister, aspirations without policies, simply the glamour of the job. A disgrace.
      Oliver Cromwell’s Address to the Rump Parliament on 20 April 1653 is apt for this fellow as a Member of Parliament
      “You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately… Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go! ”

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      1. Johnson received an education at the top privileged schools and colleges in the UK and in consequence often displays this shallow veneer of a loveable eccentric ‘wit’ who does not mind a bit of mockery; in this they differ.
        Otherwise there are many similarities.


      2. Roger, I saw this morning that Trump may meet with Johnson on his trip to spite the negative reaction to his visit. Trump uses people as props to market with. Here, he is showing his petulance. This would be akin to Teresa May visiting with Senator Chuck Schumer or Barack Obama on a visit to the states. It is not ironic that Obama was not invited to the big wedding because they did not want to invite Trump and it would have been insult to the US leaderto invite Obama and not Trump. Trump does not mind offending someone. Keith

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  2. A work of art, that, Roger. So well illustrated, should appear on the editorial page of The Sun or The Daily Mail… and throwing in that pitch for your “priceless” History of these Isles is a neat sleight of hand…

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  3. Hi Roger, what a great post! The images alone are so funny and I imagine it must have taken you ages to find just the right ones to fit what you were saying – but your hard work paid off because they are fab! I don’t even know what David Davies looks like but now each time I hear his name being mentioned on the news, I will think of funny little Worzel. Is there an Aunt Sally in the cabinet somewhere do you think? 🙂

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    1. Hi there Sharon.
      Glad you enjoyed the post!
      The legendary Spike Milligan used to populate some of his 1960s books with various imagines from Victorian and Edwardian times and add captions of his own and he was a bit of an inspiration for me in most things. (David Davies has a rather dull face actually )
      From the TV series Una Stubbs portrayed Aunt Sally as someone rude and with a high opinion of herself, on that basis I’m reckoning Michael Gove! 🙂

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  4. Thank you for the clarification, Roger! You have helped me understand the situation better! I especially loved the illustrations. As you said in conclusion … it could always be worse. Still, I am concerned and hope Ms. May is not ousted at the end of the day, for it appears from my position of distance and some ignorance, that she is trying to do the best she can for the nation under the difficult circumstances.

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    1. Strange as it seems from someone who lurks on the doctrinal ‘The State Will Look After You…Behave!’ side of the Left of politics I have to say that Theresa May is the best of an bad bunch.
      Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond could win the World Boring contest, but would insist the medals should be made out of cheap supermarket foil.
      Michael Gove specialises in crawling through small cracks in walls and door.
      Jeremy Hunt now takes over from the onerous Boris, prior to that worked with tigerish courage to try and ruin the NHS.
      Gavin Williamson is Secretary for Defence…..He bravely told the Russians to ‘go away’, which beats spending money on weapons.
      The rest…..err….probably think they mean well.
      The Brexit of course bumbles on. After the result was called, I was minded as to the position of the then Prime Minister Horace Walpole , forced by rabid public opinion, many empty headed MPs etc he was obliged to declare war on Spain in 1739- The news of the outbreak of war was met with public rejoicing. Walpole said sadly “They are ringing their bells now, they will be wringing their hands soon!” – The war known as The War of Jenkins Ear was a disaster.

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      1. I just read up a bit on your War of Jenkin’s Ear … interesting! And it lasted 9 years and was all done in hopes to increase Britain’s trading opportunities? Sheesh. Well wait … we … um … still haven’t learned much, have we? I sometimes wish we could take your fools and ours and ship them off to a desert isle surrounded by sharks!

        Enjoy the rest of your vacation, my friend!

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      2. Yep … it does, my friend. I ranted about this in my 3:00 a.m. post that just went out. And I apologize for this abomination we unleashed on the world. I used to compare him to Hitler. I was wrong. He is worse. 😥

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      3. Hi Jill.
        Not long touched down back home from our week away in Trefriw, so just catching my breath and suchwhich.
        I know he is butt-end, and a big one at that, but nowhere close to Hitler, Europeans and Russians could confirm that (folk memory is quite powerful).
        Look at it this way:
        We had FDR, we had JFK and we had LBJ and now we have…..
        BFJ….(Big Fat Jerk).
        (Who have thought we would be nostalgic for Nixon?….My grandson- ultra left…. says in his opinion LBJ but for Vietnam would have been one of the great presidents)

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      4. I thought you weren’t coming back until Sunday … I’m old and I get confused easily 😀

        I don’t know about that, Roger. Until recently, I would have agreed with you that Trump is nowhere near as evil as Hitler. And thus far, he has not engaged in acts as evil as those Hitler did. But I think he has every bit as much potential for it as Hitler. If he could get by with it, I think there is no end to what he might be willing to do. That said, I like the initials you gave him! BFJ suits him just fine. Hmmmm … I wonder why it is that some presidents come to be called mainly by their 3 initials, others not. William Howard Taft wasn’t called WHT. Richard Milhous Nixon wasn’t called RMN. Sigh … something else for me to lie awake pondering tonight. 🤔 💭

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      5. It’s a local system. Private owners rent cottages through an agency, and you arrive on Friday & depart the next Friday. Beats meeting the week-end traffic…even if you do have to contend with the Friday traffic! 🤨.
        I think some president’s initials just trip off of the tongue; LBJ, JFK have a certain musical tone to them.
        The thing with Hitler Jill was he was driven by single ideals and a burning desire, since Trump has minimal attention span and is only concerned with himself as Trump, as opposed to Hitler who saw himself as part of Germanic Destiny he is not in the same league.
        Hitler worked within a system which enable him to rise to power, whereas Trump works with a group of fringe people who currently are in a position of influence. Germany in the early 20th century was a whole different set up to the USA in the early 21st century; Hitler had the underlying sympathy of the majority and the majority of the office and persons of the state, Trump has a cabal of shallow folk.
        Hitler also had a vision. Trump has an ego and no vision. He doesn’t come close. He is the loudmouth at the tavern. The neighbour everyone wishes would move. He talks but does not think. And above all he does not mesmerise, which Hitler did.

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      6. Well, I’m glad your back safe & sound … unpacked, laundry done and settled back in yet? Yes, I imagine the traffic is a mess, what with you all driving on the wrong side of the road an’ all! 😀

        What you say makes a great deal of sense, and you are right that he doesn’t have a vision, doesn’t have the support of the majority, and isn’t smart enough to carry off the domination that Hitler did. I wonder, though … if, in fact, he is a puppet of Putin … Putin who does have the smarts to carry it off and likely has a vision. And still, I think that Trump is defective in that he truly has no moral compass, no conscience, and mass murder wouldn’t bother him in the least, if it suit him at the moment. I know … I know … I need to be more positive, and I’m trying, but frankly it is getting harder to be an optimist over here, not only because of Trump himself, but also because of the fact that he still maintains a popularity rating of about 40%, and those are some blindly loyal supporters. I know, for I’ve talked to some of them. And Congress … refusing to step up to the plate and do what’s right for the nation. It just seems to be going downhill here. But, I still have hope that somehow, something is going to happen to turn things around. Hopefully the mid-terms. 🤞 🤞

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      7. Yeh we’re getting back to routine now, sleepy though ’cause we’re back in stifling-heat territory.
        As a person Trump can actually be discounted, he is more a manifestation of a certain mind set. He exists in this situation because folk want him to, thus is not a leader more a figure head.
        Polls are still questionable and will always be so, because they take samples, sure samples can be as sophisticated as possible, but at the end of the day are still a sample with set questions.
        The mid-terms will be a defining time, and as we have discussed before will rest upon the current non-voters. It can be argued therefore, paradoxically the fate of a divided nation rests in the hands of the apathetic.

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      8. Yes, David tells me it is hot there. It’s all relative, though, and if it’s any consolation, it is 35C here, with 80% humidity. Blech.

        You are right, but that last part is key. The fate of this nation rests on people … every eligible voter … voting in November. Thus far, I’m not optimistic. I wish I were.

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      9. I have to agree that Trump  nature possesses all of Hitler’s attributes. All the potential is there and his support base is in essence the same as was Hitler’s. 

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  5. Clearly you have a clear picture of the situation and a finger on the pulse of the nation. Will Brexit affect the Premier league transfer window? Will we miss Champions League games with team coaches parked up on the M20 hard shoulder?

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    1. The M20 hard shoulder should be expanded now, to include Travel Inns, Shopping Centres, Entertainment Venues, Sports Facilities, Schools and Hospitals (particularly maternity wards, as folk being folk, will while away their time, doing what comes naturally)

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