Book Promotion!! -A True History of These Isles (Vol. I & II)

For all folks new to this blog.

I put together these two volumes of the history of the Isles which form up The UK and Eire. These were a great deal of fun to write and were an antidote to some of the dafter arguments circulating in cultural and political circles of these Isles.

They were also a tribute to the incomparable Sellar & Yateman’s ‘1066 and All That’ and Richard Armour’s ‘It All Started With….’ Series in their shared refusal to be respectful to figures of history.

In my volumes nothing is taken seriously, unless I decide to. No caps are doffed to any king whatsoever, although a few nods of respect are given to some of the queens who had to try and keep the whole thing together while all the men made fools of themselves.

There is very little quantifiable analysis of economic, religious, political or social trends on the basis that since no three historians can truly agree on anything; thus… Who Cares?

There are no maps, details of strategy and tactics of military issues as all the accounts of the time were written by the winners, hired bards, clerics who knew which side their bread was buttered on and sometimes Shakespeare. These make the basis for splendid works of fiction if you wish to try your own hand at such a book. They are, however, somewhat short on narratives from those on the business end of a sharp piece of metal and thus not much use for my purposes. So, I made up my own conclusions like everyone else.

That said these histories are possibly (or not) as relevant (or maybe not) as any other for general guidelines as what may have (or not) taken place. All speculations and interpretations being as relevant as any other.

They do prove conclusively that the current mess the UK is in due to Brexit, is nothing new to these Isles.

On this neat tie-in; in celebration or lamentation of two years since the result of that most badly organised and argued political campaign; ie the Brexit Referendum for three days (and knights) both volumes with be free through your kindle and applications for a pdf via e-mail will also be given consideration to.

Thus from Sunday 23rd June 2018 to Tuesday 25th June 2019 you have an opportunity to read Two volumes of A True History of These Isles (up to 1485-ish that is) all for free (well as far as I am lead to believe)

Impress your friends and fellow party-goers with incisive snippets starting with such stunning openers as:

‘Previously I would have agreed with you , however R J Llewellyn in his ground-breaking A True History of These Isles asserts….’


‘That may be one viewpoint, but as R J Llewellyn argues in his seminal A True History of These Isles….’

Or even

‘Oh that’s a load! You wanna read ‘A True History of These Isles’ an’ get ya facts right!’


History Vol II

A True History of These Isles Vol.I- relaunch

Book Launch!- A True History of These Isles Vol II (or 2).


40 thoughts on “Book Promotion!! -A True History of These Isles (Vol. I & II)

    1. Thank you. (Guilty secret…when writing some of it I was thinking…..’this is going to annoy someone’….but apparently this is what writing history is all about).
      Oh yes Llewellyn goes way (way) back! Though it’s now my middle name, my official surname is Jacob, which has its own histories…. either as an import from crusaders (and retinues) who took a fancy to biblical names….OR….at some stage in the past couple of hundred years folk started to tag biblical names onto their surname , so for a while the family would have been Llewellyn-Jacob and somewhere along the line we dropped the hyphen…😃

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      1. Of course being British and thus insufferably insular I naturally assumed everyone in the ‘western’ world used a QWERTY keyboard….Of course that wouldn’t be the case….
        What can you do with a nation that voted for Brexit (sigh)?

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      2. Sigh back.
        The French keyboard is AZERTY. Don’t know why. (Maybe the Italians have another?) Worst keyboard I ever used? Czech. In Praga. They have accents on all consonants. My executives at the office could not understand my mails. 🙂

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      3. Haha! Maybe it is a matter of taste? I love the sound of English. (Or maybe English is a father tongue to me: my grandmother was a Brit). But Czech? Unseemly. Just imagine: beer is called “pivò”. No sense at all. 😉

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      4. Imagine the face of an Trump supporter on seeing a sign outside a UK shop which cheerfully announced ‘Red Hot Faggots’ (faggots a time-honoured British dish being a mess of breadcrumbs, grease (lots), bits of onion and small pieces of meat- all cooked together…and guaranteed to give a nutritionist nightmares)


      5. Since we’re on about certain words, the origin of the word “faggot” is the French “fagot” meaning a bundle of sticks. I guess it needed that extra “g” to buoy itself as it swam across the Channel (La Manche, s’il vous plait!)

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      6. Hahha! ….The Romans decided it was the Oceanus Germanicus….a term which will annoy both British and French sensibilities.
        Why we call them ‘faggots’ I don’t know, in some parts they are called Savoury Ducks.
        As the American usage is now well known here the term is avoided in advertising.


      7. I’m guessing if you went into a bar in the Czech republic and shouted ‘pivo’ you’d be popular😃.
        I love accents. My wife comes from Birmingham and up the road is the town of Wolverhampton and into what was known in the Industrial Age as ‘The Black Country’. They had a lovely and evocative phrase which would broadly translate these days as ‘Go For It’….In ‘proper’ English it would read as ‘You give it some hammer’.
        In the dialect/accent it would be said as:
        ‘Yaw giv’ it sum ‘ommer’……love it.

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    1. HI Paula.
      WiFi eh? You never which bit is going to work or not work? And which browser you can depend upon (I use three currently as none of them are 100% dependable)
      If you like I’d be happy to send you one as a free pdf via e-mail, if that proves more reliable.


  1. ‘Previously I would have agreed with you , however R J Llewellyn in his ground-breaking A True History of These Isles asserts….’ … EXACTLY!!! Love your humour, my friend! Your books should be right up there with Follett, Rutherford and Cornwell! Actually, though I like all of those, I like yours better!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thanks Jill.
      Truth be known I was quite pleased with the net results of both Volumes, although on re-reading them I think they need tightening up. Once Vol II of ‘Patchwork’ is done (first draft completed) I think I’ll return to them for 2nd Editions work

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      1. Down the line somewhere of course, but currently the world of Trelli, Karlyn, Arketre, Wigran, Silc (The Guv’nor) (and the rest) calls me. (The fun part the re-write of the First Draft of Part II- still an’t got a proper title yet)

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      2. Well I’m glad that they are keeping you occupied, for that will end in much fun! I’m sure the title will come to you soon … perhaps once you are on vacation, relax and put the world out of your mind, which I hope you are already doing as I write this!

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