Of Patchwork Warriors…Evidence of Interference and Malice

Hello Again.

Wigran Hendrechan here.

In your world I might be called, as I understand the term ‘a hacker’. To be honest our name of Jordisk has a more dignified ring, hailing from an ancient northern language it means Underground (I think).

I cannot spend too much time on this message. The LifeGuard Fortress at Drygnest is infamous for its sharp eyes and ears and dread for its long and deadly reach. These words were  transcripted from a text dispatched to Drygnest by Captain Dekyria. He is a moderately benign officer of the LifeGuard who I am obliged to work with, there is no option. Normally the work is not so onerous or conflicting with my other tasks. However, the Implication is there to behave.

And yet my consciousness will not let this recent deed go by. Here are the details, you must draw your own conclusions. I bid you farewell, for the present:



Dispatch: Breech in Confidentiality.

Category: Of Current Low Consequence.

Potential: Of possible risk prejudicial to future tasks.


Concerns arose of the safety of the scouting and intelligence gathering into the Realm known as 21st Century under the guise of co-operation with the native R J Llewellyn in his alleged work of fiction ‘Of Patchwork Warriors’.* (copy of cover attached)

Having read and examined this for any possible seditious themes I noticed he had gleaned an amount of detail on our own modes of strategy, tactics and long-term planning which were becoming excessive. This had garnered support amongst some of the other individuals involved in the narrative. An attempt to make a direct intrusion would have met with their protests and disruptions which could have had repercussions in related missions.

It was therefore judged best to insert into the initial printing a certain of number of errors which others would notice and cause the author to react. He is a fellow prone to bouts of frenetic but not very accurate or well thought out actions. Once these errors had been brought to his attention he was somewhat embarrassed and set to work to address the problem. In his haste to rectify matters he failed to notice my duplication of half a chapter in his second edition compounding the view of his presentation as being badly formulated and thus demeaning the work in popular terms.

Although this has not discouraged his production of distortion (with it has to be admitted some facts) into a second volume of his tale and the now published third edition of the original volume I am confident the disruptions embedded will lead to more uncertainty and degrading of confidence. This is turn will continue to reinforce his reluctance to make known his work and so ensure the operations of the LifeGuard remain basically unknown to his and our realm.

An apparent accidental termination of the fellow is not recommended lest by some quirk of this 21st Century Realm he becomes a cult figure.



Captain Dekyria.



‘Of Patchwork Warriors’: The Chapter Seventeen Incident- An Appeal for Discernment

‘Of Patchwork Warriors’ Wigran Hendrechan explains something of the forces at work

‘Ullo Everyone! It’s proper ‘Patchwork Warriors’ time!!


20 thoughts on “Of Patchwork Warriors…Evidence of Interference and Malice

  1. Hey WIGS … you don’t mind if I call you Wigs, do you? You leave my friend Roger alone!!! Leave his work alone! He is a wonderful and funny man whose work I very much enjoy and you, sir, need to go back to doing whatever it was you were doing before you decided to become a hacker! Now GO!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no, I always get in a mess when I try and help…dear Trelli is still cross with me.
      No I was trying to leak news about what the LifeGuard are up to!
      I do support him honestly….Oh dear I do so keep getting things wrong when I try to help……

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Look at it from my point of view Jill.
        There I am working for the biggest most successful and ruthless crime lord in all of elidian history (no mean feat!). While at the same time having to do spy work on him for a coldly, slightly remote captain in the dread LifeGuard.
        Then when you consider the dangerous pioneering work I am doing as a Jordisk. AND trying to repair my friendship with Trelli…WHILE starting a new life with Samarlia. NOT to mention trying to help the author (who I can relate to!)……
        AND I am supposed to be only a support character (at present) you can see why I get confused!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Awwwww … now I really feel badly for my harsh words. You do have a tough situation. I shall go bake you some cookies, for all the world’s problems can be solved with cookies, yes? 🍪🍪🍪 How about a glass of milk to go with them? 🥛

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Coming right up, Wigs. Just promise me, please, that you won’t ruin the tea by pouring your milk in it or by putting 14 spoonsful of sugar in it? ☕ And here’s one for Roger, too ☕

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Just a smidge of milk and two tea spoonful’s of sugar?……Pleeze?
        Roger says thanks, he’ll have the same.😃
        Such charming folk you Americans, you remind me of the Hengestatians, though they have divided themselves in Nordd & Sudd- Hengestatians….Arketre is from there but I try to avoid her, she scares me a bit even when she smiles and talks nicely.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Okay … two teas with a smidget of milk and a teaspoon (you don’t need two … remember your waistline) of sugar, and I will join you and have a spot of tea with a bit of sherry … actually, perhaps I’ll skip the tea altogether and just have the sherry. 😉 I’m afraid I’m not related to the Hengestatians, but they sound like lovely people … I’m more related to 🐺🐺🐺

        Liked by 1 person

    1. But I have to Sha’ Tara!
      This is a III (possibly IV part) series. Three-quarters through Vol II and I am still a mere support character with possible comic relief undertones.
      And yet I am party to all this fearfully weighty knowledge of the powers at work, AND helped get the third edition up and running.
      I want to be a turbulent, troubled, in conflict with orders, trying to retain their soul like Arketre, only with a cunning streak. I want to be able to sit on craggy rocks during windy days and be able to discourse in philosophical ways, with scientific undercurrents!
      Is that too much to ask!
      The author understands me! It’s the other characters who keep telling to stick with ‘wot I am good at’ who are the trouble….
      Oh woe!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Very well, very well, Wigs. I understand the source of your angst only too well. When I was a youngster like yourself I had similar ambitions too. But dammit man (to use an Earthian expression) think on this: is it working out for you, say, without damaging your health? And where does that leave time for romance, hey? I must admit though, you’re not afraid to push the story along and I have to admire that commitment and dedication. To use another Earthian expression (you may have something similar in your world) ‘Just don’t go over the deep end!’

        Liked by 1 person

      2. C’mon Wigs, don’t think o’ hidin’, just o’ risin’ to the occasion. I’m willin’ t’bet that new lass o’ yours’ll be of great help. Hang in there and don’t lose heart, we all need you now that you’ve stepped in it squarely. No backing down. There’s a sayin’ ye’ll come across likely: “Keep a stiff upper lip” and all that…” We’re all counting on you doin’ your bit in those next critical chapters. The story must go on after all.


      3. I suppose so…
        No! You’re quite right. With Samarlia to keep my head straight I will be able…as you say hereabouts ‘to do this thing’.
        I will discuss this with the author during the re-writes.
        Thank you so much Sha’Tara!

        Liked by 1 person

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