When the Demon Comes A’ Callin’

Title: Quote from the very cool over the top Predator 2

Predator 2


It happens to us all, OR if you want to be pedantic, it has, is and will happen to every writer…..

This I mean…..

‘Oh (exclamation of despair)! Who am I fooling. Why am I bothering. Who is gonna care what I write…right?’Unit2_Lesson2

Yep!  About three-quarters a way through the first draft of the Second Novel in a three (or maybe four) book series.

The words hadn’t stopped flowing, the plot miasma (I never write with an outline) was still there. And, yet there was one of those sneak attacks by the ‘What Is The Point Of It All?*’ demon. Yep, anyone who writes and doesn’t become a ‘name’ gets it. The feeling may be more tolerable the ones the ‘names’ get such as ‘Where’s My Next Plot?’ or ‘What Happens if The Critics Don’t Like It?’.

Every so often this blog is host to one of my rousing posts on the noble cause of writing Just Because and don’t let anyone stop you. And I still hold to these words and thoughts. It’s nice to read of a fellow writer getting a breakthrough or publishing another book. My fingers start twitching in concert with my brain when I read of someone having doubts or getting *WITPOIA (I wonder how is best to pronounce that anacronym? It does sound to be deserving of a solid pronunciation).

And yet, there I was 102,480 words. One Hundred and Two Thousand, Four Hundred and Eighty Words and…..

WALLOP!!!!!…..I am sitting there before the keyboard all deflated and dried up, to extent it even hurt a bit.

Thus puzzled with myself I set to doing some back-checking on possible causes.

OK there was the weirdness. Other people get SAD in in the winter, I get it in the summer (unless in woods, near rivers and away from crowds). So, possible cause.

And there was the lack of action on my published works….Well be fair mate, you aren’t paying attention to the marketing…are you now? I mean the writing is the easy bit…Yeh I know, I know..Ohh I suppose you are right (I often have these conversations with myself- do you?)

Then there was that mix of day-to-day ‘things’ which are like grit in the machine or mud on the wheels and drag you down a bit. You never know when they are going to pile up.

Check reveals it was the usual suspects which this time had all coalesced to form a Perfect Block. Situation filed as NOT UNUSUAL. Ride it out.

I set myself to cutting up small pieces of wood in the garden. Those arising from trees which had to cut down on account of them assailing walls and depriving other plant life of growth. Rather than throw the wood out I was busily doing ‘things’ with the bits.

I, also, set myself to cutting up small pieces of cardboard….no don’t run off…Let me explain…..Print and Play board games, cheaper than buying the whole boxed thing but they do require some time, cutting and gluing.

Well after a couple of days (and daze) of doing this to listening to an audio book of a fantasy author, the Good Ol’ Smidge  Just a Smidge came back and a small grumblin’ voice began to whisper ‘Y’ know you can do as good as this don’tcha?. Get on with that lousy first draft, finish the blessed thing! Then have fun re-writing, y’ know you like that bit’.

And back I went to the work.

Y’see dear readers this can and does indeed happen to any writer. Have no fear. Keep faith in yourself. The doubt and the pain will pass and the urge to put words to paper will return.

OH the joys of being an author!!



10 thoughts on “When the Demon Comes A’ Callin’

  1. You are a good writer Roger.

    I know, I know, I haven’t left that review yet…I get side tracked so much. I need to get back to reading your ‘Of Patchwork Warriors.’ My only excuse is that it makes for a bit of eye strain trying to read on a mobile phone, my only device.
    I’ll get there…off to read a bit now.😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh don’t you worry about that Colette! I have a clutch of reviews I should be writing for books recently read.
      The post was more along my usual theme of ‘Don’t Give Up. Keep on Writing’. I’m back on track now.
      Thanks for your kind words (I’ve revised the book….yet again….new edition should be ‘kindled’ by tomorrow…and another marketing ‘splurge’)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Just been doing a mass of hedge cutting now looking at a pile of thick branches cut a year ago that need cutting up for logs – and the shed needs painting … and endless yards of fencing begging to look like fresh wood again needing a brush of something neutral (never blue) … oh and the patio needs power cleaning … and the lawn, all football pitch size of it needs feed and weed but late in the season and too dry for that … but hey it’s mid-evening, my time for getting down to writing even finishing ‘that’ novel … but I’ll just read a few more blog posts and make the odd comment or two! Roger I’ll raise a glass to you as it happens I’m contemplating opening a bottle to help ease out the words! Cheers. Eric.


    1. Thank you Eric!
      I wondered why I had that sudden urge to write a paragraph or two…Must be something in the bottle that transmits through the ‘aether’.
      Best of luck with the novel and the garden (We pretend ours was designed to look wild….we next away with too!)


  3. This all sounds so familiar, Roger. Some of the comments too! I can relate to your version of SAD. Too much sunshine (i.e., glare) makes me anxious. Bring on the clouds! I like summer rain too, something we never get here. And I just finished dealing with an overgrown shrub. And of course, I’m still whipping my WIP into shape. I like your acronym. WITPOIA — sounds just right for that particular (and hopefully temporary) state of despair.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Audrey
      Not just me then!
      As for WITPOIA (pronounced ‘WIT-PO-I..as in ‘like…A?)…. It’s an occupational hazard isn’t it?. I put the post out there for folk new to writing to understand they are not alone.
      Back on track now with the notorious first draft and bumping over some parts with a ‘Yeh, I’ll sort that out with the re-writes’

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