G7…well, well, well!! Some Folk are out of their depth.

Body Language eh?

Note Angela Merkel  leaning forward. Note Trump staring into middle distance hoping she will go away.

And my favourite part of the shot. The Arch-Pest Bolton standing open mouthed not sure what to say.

This is never, ever going to grow old.


Go Girl Go


34 thoughts on “G7…well, well, well!! Some Folk are out of their depth.

  1. So missing the point here. While the mental midgets and the Fake “news” are focusing on the picture, they’re completely ignoring the FACT that Our President forced the other nations to back down and agree to decrease the tariffs imposed against goods manufactured in the USA. ANOTHER WIN for the American people! STOP being ideologues and start being Americans.

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  2. Actually, that whole room full of people looks like a gang of street kids facing off.
    The days of cooperation are fading fast. This smacks of 1930’s rhetoric and look where that ended up.

    All the kids are taking back their toys and going home! 😛

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    1. …and all the toys are morphing into guns, tanks, missiles and prison camps… and the playgrounds run with the blood of the kids, whether they were involved or not… I’m just quoting history…

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      1. In the aftermath of WWII a while Europe had learned this lessons and in general strove to avoid wars.
        Now the populists stalk the lands and the spectre beckons, Brexit being one warning. For me this picture has a Euro-symbolism, it says…. ‘Enough’.
        I only hope that in each individual nation the centrist coalitions can hold off the ‘nationalists’.
        There centuries worth of dire warnings in this turbulent continent.

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    2. One cautionary note here…..
      Would that this scene have been played out in the 1930s in particular during the Munich crisis, with Chamberlain in the Merkel pose.
      The centre and the spirit of co-operation are under assault from all directions.

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      1. Indeed. Many analyst’s are comparing DT’s actions to those of Hoover with the signing of the 1930’s Smoot-Hawley Tariff act, effectively causing a trade war that eventually led to World War Two as economies became unstable.

        We have not heard the last of this.

        I also have an inkling that DT is using a double-edged sword here. In his thumbs down to America’s allies on trade, he sends a strong message to Kim Jong that he will not pussyfoot with diplomacy to get a peace deal.

        I think the world should brace itself. This could be cataclysmic. DT is playing a game of chicken and I doubt that he will blink.

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      2. An outbreak of analogies……
        In our crash and thump game which we call rugby football, the idea like in American Football is to get the ball over the line. As astute player when seeing an opportunity will ‘jink’ or sidestep his opponent to achieve that and not charge head on.

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  3. Roger, this picture will be the one used in history books under the chapter of “When America ceded its global leadership role.” It is far more than the tariffs issue, it is not valuing relationships, which are hard work. It also is the unpredictable nature of the US President. So he is both unreliable and untrustworthy.

    If we told the allied soldiers when they liberated Berlin in 1945, that 73 years later the leader of the free world would be Germany and that Japan would also be a leading democracy, with American forgetting where we laid out Constitution, they would not believe us. But, Trump has made us a pariah in less than a 1 1/2 years. That is faster than it thought he would before the election. At least that is what this Independent and former Republican thinks.


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      1. Roger, those GIs would not be too kind to the Nazi flag being paraded around in the US. They have a right to do so, but I have the right to say they are being zealously bigoted.

        As for North Korea, I hope for the best. Moon deserves a lot of credit, but he will her little as Trump pats himself on the back. My sense is Kim has played his hand masterfully and has already accomplished a great deal just having the meeting with Trump and Xi and Putin. If he gains any concessions, his plan of negotiating with Nukes will prove successful.

        What I think will happen is an agreement to end the Korean War will occur as a symbolic measure and a plan to get together again will occur. There may be other small concessions. Trump will oversell any small breakthrough as huge as is his nature. With that said, if steps forward are made he will deserve credit. Keith

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      2. If he can get a settlement which will stick it will be a feather in his cap, though he would do well to think of LBJ and his efforts in racial and social equality through The Great Society and Nixon with some of the work carried out on Environment and Health. Their efforts too were subsumed when they gave way to their demons.
        The gains with Korea may well be lost in the events of a Trade War or a continued fracturing of American society.

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  4. Eventually … and I don’t know when it will be … Donald Trump will be shown that he is not the owner of the world, that to some his threats do not matter, and that he is naught but a wanna-be. Meanwhile, he has destroyed much of what was good about the U.S. and will continue to do so. Why? Simply because he can, and because he thinks it makes people fear/respect/like him. He is so very wrong. Personally, even though I am a citizen of the U.S., I hope the G6 shows him the door and tells him to come back when he grows up and is ready to sit at the adult table.

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      1. I’ve reported them to WordPress. I hate this backdooring into the system. I shall change my settings that all comments require authorization. I have a free site, so not easy to set any parameters on an android
        Phone to keep them out!

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      2. You live in Hope? Why, Roger I didn’t know!Hope is only 50 km east of here! We should get together soon! Talk about typos, bad-mannered people and redundancies in general…

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    1. Just had a reply from Support…
      “Hi there!
      I spoke with one of our spam folks and he said they have rolled out some new code that should stop these messages from coming in. If you continue to see these messages please let me know

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