Women’s Empowerment In Deep South, Patani

In serious vein.
There are a myriad of terrible, heart-rending conflicts around the world. This very informative and powerful blog highlights those ‘missed’ or forgotten by the news.
This is a very fine example of the information supplied

The Human Lens

The ongoing armed conflict in Thailand’s deep south killed or injured over 18,000 people from Patani provinces since 2004. *Today the situation has escalated to such an extent that people are getting arrested for merely taking photos and there seems no end to this gruesome Martial Law.

The Thai junta policy on Patani has raised many questions on the negative consequences that Patani peoples are faced with, a society marred by poverty, conflict and instability. Imagine living in conditions where bomb blasts are a daily norm, villages and houses are raided by paramilitary forces and men going missing or taken into custody without arrest warrants.

Only during the first decade of the conflict, an estimated 3,000 women were widowed and 5,686 children were made orphans. The consequences of State’s draconian measures have resulted in rising numbers of widows, female households and traumatized children. Yet the state has no clear policy for…

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