Rosanne is Baaack… What? She’s Not?????

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Twitter has gotten so out of hand. Yesterday the birds in our neighborhood marched with picket signs to try to get people from calling the messages ‘tweets’.

It was similar to the march last year on Halloween when birds protested small children saying the phrase ‘Trick or treat’ as ‘Twick or tweet’. Unfortunately, there are not enough bird lobbyists in Washington DC to make it happen. There are some with left wings and some with right wings but none with both.

Roseanne Bar became the latest in massive numbers of celebrated people to get hammered because of a disgusting tweet, and rightfully so. I won’t repeat what she wrote because it is horribly racist and a very personal attack. She later apologized but the damage was done. The Rosanne show was canceled and her talent agency dropped her from their roster.

Social media is very powerful in today’s world and…

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13 thoughts on “Rosanne is Baaack… What? She’s Not?????

      1. I think your mind bounce has spread to your thumbs and you are a bit trigger-happy with that ‘send’ button! 😀 Yes, I definitely enjoyed his humour. Will visit his site again …

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  1. Roger, it is puzzling why Roseanne would choose to insult in such a racist way a person who is out of the limelight now. The reference was vulgar and inappropriate and it cannot be explained away with a “dog ate my homework” analogy as she is using today.

    What is more disappointing is a President was provided a very low bar to step over and say there is little place for racist comments. Instead, he tripped over the bar and made the issue about him. He channeled his “inner toddler.” Why? This reveals yet again that the words character and leader do not come to mind to define this President. Keith

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    1. My idea is that we all have things in our heads which we do not (Thank God) say or do. That said the social media allows a number of folk to say things foolish or horrid things without any fear of repercussions. Personalities are vulnerable to a higher level scrutiny, (eg Bill Clinton and his ‘Beets’ comments), however some believe they are above the accountability of ordinary folk. So when you add all these factors togethers you get a toxic mix.
      That said anyone in the public eye should watch what they say, unless they have their brain fully in gear and there was a solid reason for saying it, with a very strong fall-back plan.
      As for the incumbent in the Whitehouse, well I am sorry for the USA.

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  2. I have an ounce of sympathy because she does have a mental illness and maybe there is a giant chip on her shoulder. Is she Caucasian? On the other hand, I liked the tweet by the makers of Ambien who said, “Racism is not a known side effect”. When I worked in mental health I had a severely ill young man who visited me in Nazi regalia (all a delusion not from his family). Given my mixed race, he did frighten me a little but with compassion and calmness nothing ever happened.

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    1. I should be as you are Kerry and you have my applause for that ‘ounce’.
      That said back ‘in the day’ 1985-1995′ ish, when I was in a high-pressure public service job, suffering with my own mental issues and family problems I kept my teeth on permanent gritted with tongue in between, because if I had let rip…..errr…probably ‘bye-bye-job’ as well as a list of very upset people in my wake. Sometimes you gotta fight the demons.
      That said the poor lad was far gone wasn’t he…..Well done you, that’s true Public Service strong! Best traditions!

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      1. We share that! I know those feelings !
        These days being retired there is the opportunity to occasionally softly pour scorn some loudmouth, or bigot on social media, but only in small doses. Wouldn’t want to enjoy it too much 😉

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