Another Reason Why I Avoid FaceBook


Click on comments.

Can you believe how mean-spirited and bitter some folk get.


26 thoughts on “Another Reason Why I Avoid FaceBook

  1. I think that Facebook attracts the lowest of low for some reason. I did read the comments … one phrase sums it up: “Oh well, I’ve got mine, let them get theirs.” As I said in an earlier comment, the society of me-ism. As long as I’m happy and having fun, nobody else matters. 😥

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    1. These are fine examples of the UK’s
      (A) ‘I have a free and incisive mind, look how I make snarky negative comments’
      (B) I have a chip on my shoulder so I’ll blame everyone and everything.
      (C) I am a progressive thinking radical left-winger and ‘know’ that anyone trying to help the people of Syria is to be commend.

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      1. 😀 😀 😀 I was using the good ol’ raspberry quite extensively, it seems, until our mutual friend David Prosser took offense and I’ve been told I am no longer allowed to use it! However, as you have now given me permission, and even provided me an emoticon that I didn’t know existed, I shall have to reconsider! Pbth … 😀 Wow, that felt good! 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣

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      2. 🤔I feel the therapeutic properties of ‘the raspberry’ have not been researched sufficiently.
        Imagine how very entertaining and more honest would be a televised political debate which comprised of 🗣 and face pulling 😛 😜 😝

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      3. I agree! I always feel better after a good PBTH! Now THAT might make for a debate I would actually watch! A lot more fun than the nasty mud-slinging they do these days. Though Trump did some really entertaining facial contortions, as I recall. 😬

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      4. MAD did one back in the early 60’s where experts debated the Berlin Wall crisis as if they were six year olds, and the dialogue was something along the lines of..
        ‘Well, like, I don’t think there’s no crisis, y’see. So like that’s it’
        ‘Oooh boy. No crisis? Boy are you a dummy!’
        ‘Oh yeh? Well …..’
        And so on.
        It seemed funny then.

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      5. Yeah … I can see where it seemed funny … still does, for that matter. Actually, given some current debates, it might make as much sense and accomplish as much as the high fallutin’ big worded arguments they use these days!

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  2. I don’t go to Facebook, Roger. I’m not missing anything….

    By the way, I have to get back to reading ‘Of Patchwork Warriors.’ I haven’t had a Nat’s whisker of time for reading since I mentioned my last comment. Ah, life keeps me even too busy for many comments on my favourite blogs! 😊

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      1. Me too… But for the first time in months, I watched TV last night… A documentary by Dan Snow on the Vikings and a possible new settlement found on the West side of Newfoundland!
        I thought of you, and your ‘of Patchwork Warriors,’ whilst watching. Actually, I am currently traversing the tidal Trent…Viking land…and on the way to Jorvik (York) eventually. Maybe I’ll visit the Jorvik Centre while there. 😉

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