The Geeky Guide to WordPress – Creating Hyperlinks

Simon’s blog is a treasure trove of many types of gems. Here’s one on navigating WP

Planet Simon

As I’ve been doing this blogging thing a little while now and it seemed a good idea to pass on a few of the things that I’ve learned over the five years that I’ve been doing this. In easy and often geeky steps you’ll be taken through the steps and point out the pitfalls of taking your blog seed and growing it into something really amazing.

Adding a Hyperlink

In the blogging world we might want to create a link to another post in our blog or to some other material elsewhere, this is done by creating hyperlinks. In case anyone reading this needs to know, a hyperlink is a link to some other part of the internet, a shortcut if you like, in a blog post they usually appear as blue text.

Needless to say as with everything else in the blogging world there are some guides to hyperlinks.

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