Women’s Empowerment In Deep South, Patani

In serious vein.
There are a myriad of terrible, heart-rending conflicts around the world. This very informative and powerful blog highlights those ‘missed’ or forgotten by the news.
This is a very fine example of the information supplied

The Human Lens

The ongoing armed conflict in Thailand’s deep south killed or injured over 18,000 people from Patani provinces since 2004. *Today the situation has escalated to such an extent that people are getting arrested for merely taking photos and there seems no end to this gruesome Martial Law.

The Thai junta policy on Patani has raised many questions on the negative consequences that Patani peoples are faced with, a society marred by poverty, conflict and instability. Imagine living in conditions where bomb blasts are a daily norm, villages and houses are raided by paramilitary forces and men going missing or taken into custody without arrest warrants.

Only during the first decade of the conflict, an estimated 3,000 women were widowed and 5,686 children were made orphans. The consequences of State’s draconian measures have resulted in rising numbers of widows, female households and traumatized children. Yet the state has no clear policy for…

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Rosanne is Baaack… What? She’s Not?????

Jerry writes truly funny and observational posts.
This one has got to be a classic

Jerry Mabbott's Blog

Twitter has gotten so out of hand. Yesterday the birds in our neighborhood marched with picket signs to try to get people from calling the messages ‘tweets’.

It was similar to the march last year on Halloween when birds protested small children saying the phrase ‘Trick or treat’ as ‘Twick or tweet’. Unfortunately, there are not enough bird lobbyists in Washington DC to make it happen. There are some with left wings and some with right wings but none with both.

Roseanne Bar became the latest in massive numbers of celebrated people to get hammered because of a disgusting tweet, and rightfully so. I won’t repeat what she wrote because it is horribly racist and a very personal attack. She later apologized but the damage was done. The Rosanne show was canceled and her talent agency dropped her from their roster.

Social media is very powerful in today’s world and…

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Writers: How to Stay Motivated

Just starting out? Finding you are running lour of energy? Having doubts about the whole business. Please read this post as fuel for your fire.

Uninspired Writers

Good morning writers, I hope you’ve had a great week.

My week has been quite a drag and full of ups and downs. Good days and bad days. It got me thinking about how to stay motivated, how do you keep writing when life is busy and complicated and you are tired and stressed.

It can be really hard to stick to your story, especially as it can feel like it’s taking a lifetime to finish your drafts and edits. So, I thought I’d share some of the ways I keep myself motivated, in the hope it will help other writers when they’re struggling.

1. Look back on how far you’ve come
Writing is a long process that requires a great deal of patience and dedication. When you feel unmotivated take some time to look back at how far you’ve already come. You can do this by re-reading what you’ve…

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How I Almost Destroyed My Writing Career Before It Even Started

Some very useful advice in getting ‘the balnace’

Novelty Revisions

My senior year of college, I wrote a mission statement for a grade. And for a long time before and after that, I didn’t take it seriously.

I even changed my Twitter bio. “Helping you [people] learn to live a smarter, healthier life.”

I wanted to do that through writing. Because of course I did. Writing was my “thing.”

But for a long time, I couldn’t fulfill that mission. Because I kept trying to fill my resume with as much “relevant experience” as I could fit onto a single page.

That meant I worked 50+ hours a week writing things I didn’t particularly enjoy. And because my schedule was always so full, I had a really hard time meeting deadlines. I’d procrastinate to the extreme and fail to turn my work in on time (surprisingly, my biggest pet peeve).

I couldn’t juggle all my writing responsibilities for all my clients…

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Ireland’s Holocaust heroine

Here is a wonderful lady whose tale needs to be read and name spread


The great events of our past – the wars and the genocides – are just a series of small steps strung together… steps that when looked back upon appear to be a seamless, momentous journey.

And because of that, we tend to overlook many of those very people who created the events that make history so extraordinary.

The name Mary Elmes is not one that conjures up any special memory to most people, and that’s probably just the way the Corkwoman would have wanted it.

Look at her photo and words like ‘refined’, delicate’ and ladylike’ spring to mind. Mary Elmes was all those things and more besides. She was also fearless, iron-willed and relentless in her cause – to bring help and succour to frightened, dispossessed people in fear for their lives. Were it not for Mary, hundreds of children would have died at the hands of the Nazis…

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love is the greatest frequency

Certainly blew the grumps out of my head this monring

Tiffany Belle Harper

There are so many amazing and beautiful synchronicities coming together at this time in our world journey. People are talking freely with love – walking together and love is growing at the speed of light! When we look at the positivism around us and those we love most – be it near or far – there is pure and unconditional steadfast frequencies coming directly from the highest source. We can manifest the light together. So beautiful. Let’s fly brothers and sisters! TBH©

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