Mr Silc wants to have a few words about ‘Of Patchwork Warriors’

‘Ullo. Grenaww Silc’s the name. Elinid’s me home town. I do alright by her and she does alright by me, if you get my meaning, which most folks do, soon enough, and feel a lot better for knowing so.

Now this lad who does the writing. Well, be honest he’s a bit of walnut. Told him so, and give him his due, he accepts that and does his best.

To be fayre to him, he’s given Elinid a good spread, been writing about the old town for years, he has, in one those affectionate ways, which is nice. ‘Course he started out the wrong way, gave us Silcs a minor, what they call, reference role, just to build up this Ven Jek bloke. Oh yes, I shouldn’t get started on them Jeks, going on like they was all moral and just roguish when they were just a bunch of small-time shifters. But anyway, times move on. Old Elinid prevails and us Silcs, we prosper and these days, apart from that Ven getting’ a mention amongst them Jordisk folk who fiddle with dangerous stuff, who knows about Jeks?

Yea, now this book. Old Walnut has a problem with writing villains. He can’t stands ‘em! Says they’re all cliché and trop and goes off like all those arty folk do as if someone had stuck a pin in their backsides. And he always writes these pantomime types, who you know are going to fall on their arses. I told him ‘Yer lookin’ in the wrong places sunshine. Yer lookin’ at those upper-class privileged wobblers that never had to get dirt under their finger nails fighting for a crust o’ bread. Any twonk can sound menacing and superior when they’re scaring peasants. It’s when you go on the backstreets where even the little ol’ grannies can slice you up that you’ll find the worthwhile folk’

He gets the message and pays attention to the way we do business in Elinid, then he finds that writing about folk who have to do things the tough way because that’s the way it is is not so difficult after all. Even says he enjoys it. Of course we don’t tell the lad everything, I mean aside from giving away trade secrets, it might be a bit, well, let’s just say, unsettling for some folk.

And it’s been alright, working with the other folk who are characters. Nice bunch, once you get passed all of their peculiarities, but as I says Folks is Folks and that’s the way it is.

I didn’t get involved with all the editing and re-writing stuff, not really my strong hand o’ cards. My trouble was, when we came to the bit about his nibbs trying to sell the books, that’s where me and him had a BIG falling out. I look at it this way y’see. We gave him all of our special insight into villainy and so forth, so we, me and the boys we expect something for our efforts; a bit of the old gold, y’ know. But it turns out he’s a bigger walnut at that, than writing! All we see is pennies! I have to say to him ‘This is a bit o’ a disappointment, this is, sunshine. You talked a brighter version than this to me. So what’s all this about then?’ And he gives me an old sob story about marketing and profiles. Which means I have to get stern with him, then ask him to hand over the figures for me to look at. And that did it for me , I can tell you.

‘5 sold and 18 given away!’ I says ‘What’s this 18 given away then?!’. Well I grant you I might have been a bit loud, but there was no need for him to panic, hide under a table and babble on about his blimpin’ profiles. I wasn’t going to stand for all that arse-blast, I tell you.

So, I have to have a word with you folk, direct, and I hope civilised, that you’ll understand.

About this book ‘Of Patchwork Warrior’Patchwork


‘Err Mr.Silc, I would rather you didn’t,’

‘Sush! This is business stuff. Not your strength.’

Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, as I see it. He’s been giving these books away and selling some of them at very, very reasonable prices. Well, what springs to my mind is the old saying ‘Favour for a favour’...see what I mean. If you got a copy either free or very cheap then see it from my viewpoint, is it too much to ask for folk to say how much they enjoyed the read, or if they didn’t then say so, we’re all grown-ups here. But just a quick mention, somewhere on your ‘NET’ would be a very nice thing to I see it. Spread the Good Word. Help the Old Sales bit. Shake up the market.  You know, me and the boys are very old fashioned, and we think that would just be, well Good Manners. Although we are a bit rough about the edges, we reckon civility costs nothing, particularly when someone got the book for free. And we do dislike…

‘Err…Mr Silc, I’m sure they didn’t mean-‘

‘Quiet Walnut! You’re interrupting AND that is RUDE! Get back under your table’

Now where was I….Oh yeh….This NET is interesting, I got our lad Wigran (he’ll have his say at some stage I’m sure) to check it out for me, not as flexible as our stuff on the Stommigheid, but he was able to find out who has a copy of which book (there’s some other stuff I never got involved with) and that was MOST INTERESTING..

‘Oh dear this is not going well…there will be repercussions…’

‘Mr Grutch! Would you please apply a sock to his mouth for me………Thank you Mr Grutch,’


‘No problem Guv’nor,’

I am sorry for the interruptions, you know how fragile some of these writers can be. Anyways I’ve not got much else to say really. Gave you my side of the business and made our feelings known. So I hope you folk understand. After all, we can all get along together. Can’t we?

Nice speaking with you.

Take care now. It’s a twisty old world. You never know what might happen, if you’re not CAREFUL and not PAYING ATTENTION.

Be SEEING you.

Don’t forget now



‘Ullo Everyone! It’s proper ‘Patchwork Warriors’ time!!

An Author’s Concerns



21 thoughts on “Mr Silc wants to have a few words about ‘Of Patchwork Warriors’

  1. Hello Roger,

    I have been missing in action for a while (lots of travelling and distractions). This is a timely post… And so coincidental as I only began to read ‘Of Patchwork Warriors’ yesterday afternoon and am about 80 pages in now. You must be using one of those glowing, jewelled, oculator thingies and sending subliminal messages from the Stormiggheld. Anyway, I suddenly remembered the download from months ago.

    And what a great read it is. I have read some rubbish books lately, so it was with some pleasure that I got past your new language phrases and found myself wrapped in a plot with mystery, twists, turns, and genuine gripping anticipation for what comes next. I’m only 80 pages in, so I can only imagine the delights that await.

    Do you have a web site (other than your blog) where I can recommend your book… Amazon, etc.???

    I am so glad that you sent this to me…an extraordinary read with the depth of ‘Lord of the Rings’ and the mystery of a future world vision beset by the mistakes of the past. I love it!

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    1. Thanks so much Colette for your comments. I really appreciate them. Compared with Lord of The Rings…wow! Your words have given me another jolt to carry on with Vol 2 (which so far has been fun but lost a bit of continuity and plot…so Hello re-write!)
      A web-site is something I am always ‘going’ to do, along with other profile raising things. The book is on Amazon Kindle, I write as R J Llewellyn, so feel free to write review when you are able to.
      Most of all I am very pleased you are enjoying the tale, once I get into writing the whole buzz of providing enjoyment for the reader takes over which is my principal motivation.
      Thanks again.
      Best wishes

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      1. Have guests today, but will get back to ‘of Patchwork Warriors’ soon, and yes, very happy to write a review on Amazon Kindle after I have completed the read!
        And a volume 2!… Do I detect a trilogy of sorts in the making?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. For certain a trilogy, if I could manage a quadrilogy (???) that would be cool. But three is the target. What will happen I couldn’t tell you, but that makes it all the more fun for me! (I rely on my characters to help me out).
        Enjoy your day Colette.
        Best wishes

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      3. Ah, just read a few pages on… Roger, you need to do a bit of editing from page 80ish (mostly punctuation and the odd word that predictive text has changed) and on through chapter 16 to 17.
        Both chapter 16 and 17 start with the same paragraphs with Old Oily and Master Silc.
        Perhaps Master Silc wants even more say than you imagined? It must be them Wobbly’s getting in the way of things! 😊

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      4. Hi Colette.
        That is the durndest thing.
        Somewhere along the line a rogue duplicate Chapter Sixteen appeared as Chapter Seventeen, interposing itself as One of Two ‘Chapter Seventeens’. The actual Chapter Seventeen starts with Karlyn musing on Life and Meradat pondering on Karlyn.
        How that happened I cannot say because I ran the whole thing through several checks of my own and Grammarly too.
        Another self-check I do is to ‘search’ through the narrative for the word ‘Chapter’ to ensure a continuity in numbering so that glitch is a puzzle
        I encountered another horror a while back when Copying & Pasting from a Word doc onto Word Press and found half of the narrative had been turned into a gibberish. Some folk would say at this stage ‘Get yourself a professional editor’.
        Punctuation is a bane. Word, Grammarly and I never agree, particularly as I experiment with it.
        I guess it will need another read through and a 3rd Edition of the book- seeing as how it is on Kindle already…..
        Weird stuff.
        I could blame it all on the strange forces at work in the book…….?
        Thanks for pointing it out
        All the best

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      5. For what it is worth when I do a lengthy piece I use a paper notebook and pen, set up my chapters with blank spaces and make notes on chapter headings, new characters, discrepancies and any stray, pop-up idea. While digital is fluid and fast, paper is a solid record. 

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      6. I used to do print-outs of the whole lot, but during this run-up our printer was being difficult and suddenly HP ink cartridges didn’t seem to have much ink as usual (nice profit-grab guys). But I thought I had the whole business covered.
        Very odd; the only things which currently comes to mind is when using Grammarly you have an option to download, rather than attach Grammarly to your doc. It’s possible two downloads of the same chapter were produced & became mixed up. Still can’t figure out how there were two Chapter Seventeens, because all the chapters were there for me to see in one list, using Ctrl + F and search under ‘Chapter’.
        There must be more to the forces at work in the book than meets the eye?
        Heck! Back to the old drawing board….
        Gutenburg-style maybe?


      7. I tried hand notes Sha’Tara,
        I either lost them or ignored them, for some reason despite my antipathy towards computers in general I am tied to the digital. Everything only comes alive on a screen….there’s an sf story in there somewhere, either that or I am very tuned into the Patchwork world.
        Still trying to figure that glitch out.


      8. Ah! Guess one’s got to be a multitasker! I always have the trusty paper note book beside the computer, tablet or phone. Even now, as I do email I’m also reviewing notes and sketches done last night for a customer ordered planter and sandwiched in between notes and plans is this quote from Gary Shteyngart in “Super Sad True Love Story”:  “At times, more frequent now, I find myself enclosed, imprisoned, by a growing excess of civilization.” Now if I’d only copied and pasted this quote in my email quote file, I would not have read it this morning and been reminded that “excess of civilization” is indeed what the world suffers the most from. We need to put an end to that and find ourselves again. Civilization… hmm, I feel another “essay” coming up if I can find the time to write it. Well, it’s 8:00 AM here and time to get some construction going on a beautiful cloudless day.

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      9. That’s my problem I have a head like an attic, full of stuff, dust and more stuff, oh yes and in those far off corners some more stuff…and…Oh great! The bulb has just gone out and I’ve tripped over even more stuff! So I can’t find the stuff I was looking for because I forgot which box it was in, even though it is labelled.
        Welcome to part of my world…..
        Anyway Sha’ Tara as I write this it must be about 9am where you are; and it’s 5.20pm here. Enjoy your beautiful cloudless day.


      10. No probs, its not the end of the world.😊 …still a great read. Just thought that you’d want to know. The problem with writing is that after re-reading a few times, you become so used to what you’ve said, that there is a tendency to skim. That’s why (I guess), professional writers with lots of income, have an independent editor. A fresh pair of eyes, so as to speak!’ 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      11. Oh I agree Colette!
        I’m still puzzled about that blooper though 🤔. Commas, odd words, a spelling here and there….perils of the job.
        But a chapter???? And I was sure I had been through the Chapters and their opening paragraphs to check for that 😧.
        Have to be another edition on the Kindle Book…..must take a day out to attend…….
        Oh well 😄!
        Anyway glad you’re enjoying the read and thanks again for letting me know (exits muttering ‘Chapter Seventeen’)

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