‘Ullo Everyone! It’s proper ‘Patchwork Warriors’ time!!

Hi Karlyn here!!

‘Lo everyone! I said I’d be back didn’t I?

For meself, speaking personally, I was pleased  wiv’ the way ‘Of Patchwork Warriors’ went. There was a lot of running about, thumpin’ blokes wot deserved it, stabbing a few an’ I got to climb up as many trees as I wanted to AN’ talk to so many really interesting and clever bees and butterflys. AN’ a made a really best good friend Trelli, who understands me. And is kindly an’ sweet.

AND ‘course there was (hee-hee) Flaxi, whose proper name is Arketre but she’s got this lovely blonde hair! So my pet name for ‘er is Flaxi!….But I’m not supposed to say too much ‘bout us ‘cause Flaxi’s particular about HOW much you lot should know. She says ‘I don’ want to go a walkin’ about their bedrooms do I naw? So they can jus’ use their Good Lord God-given imaginations!’– she can get a bit snippy y’know.

Anyways, so this lad Roger gets sniff of all the tydes and such wots and starts to put them together, us putting him right from time to time. Sometimes I had to give ‘im one of them allegorical smacks on the ‘ead. I told him straight ‘I don’t care wot a rommm-Kommmm is in your world sunshine, it won’t do for us!’ then he got in a sulk an’ then a panic and starting wibblin’ about the place ‘bout ‘is own ideas! Well I just laughed, harshly, an’ threatened him with a half-finished book. I says ‘We’ll walk out on y’know. Leave y’ Bee-refted an’ all forlon, just like an unwatered flower!’ so ‘e does as he’s told (Well, actually ‘e had Flaxi lurkin’ over his shoulder an’ whisperin’ fings like ‘Dontcha y’all go writin’ no stuff for the boys to get over-excited about naw,’).

An’ then later on he got another bit of panicky ‘bout ‘ow I was like some characters in more well-known stuff in ‘is world, then I says ‘Huh! If y’’ asks me seems like they’s more like me! Only not as variable’ well that confused ‘im, so he shut up and got on wiv writing, like a good lil’ doggy.

Mus’ tell you! We ‘ad so much Hooo-Hah wiv the cover! Y’see Roger thought ‘e’d try ‘is own an’ did all of these photographs, which I ‘elped ‘im wiv, ‘cas although the lad is a sproggle-head like me ‘e’s all for allegorical an’ symbolisms. But when I shows the rest of the folk  the draft photos there was all sorts of grumblin’ and objections. Trelli wanted to know if that was supposed to be ‘er undershirt, ‘cas it looked common an’ unsanitary, an’ Flaxi complained the whole fing looked like ‘alf of the latrine pit was showin’. Then The Captain (that’s Dekyria), well ‘im being all stern and correct says there should be outlines and silly-outettes of grim lookin’ figures with swords an’ stuff. Well, I told ’em all straight, ‘Look’ I says ‘We’ve got a noodle-hutch doin’ this. Do you fink ‘e can organise that sorta clever stuff? You’ve been wiv ‘im for a year now..right?…If we push the lad too much, ‘ee’ll jus’ go and panic an’ take one of them Amazon stock photos an’ claim everyone will get the Hi-roh-nee!’ Now that put ‘em all in line!

Then our brave author finally gets the whole thing on Amazon on the Kindly only to think that is the end of it! So we have to tell the boy all ‘bout marketing an’ raising profiles. Then ‘e does ‘is annoying ‘Yes. Of course. I’ll get on with it’ and puts some stuff out on the Wordly Press an’ reckons job’s a good ‘un! SO we have to good back an’ ask him wot ‘bout Twitter, Tumbly (or sum fing) an’ that Face Book. He tries to sneak out of that by getting on a box an’ going on ‘bout the tox-i-city of Social Media, whatever that means!

Then he starts giving books away (or downlumps, I dunno) an’ that gets The Guv’Nor (That’s MR. Silc to you lot!) cross, him bein’ all for for money in the bank, but you’ll be readin’ from MR Silc soon, so watch out!

Anyways, I’d luv to stay an’ chat a lot more ‘bout all the good stuff we got up to, an’ answer yer questions but ‘is Sproggleness is workin’ on the second book an’ ‘e’s getting’it all wrong again, so I gotta go an’ do some allegorical ‘ead-smacking, if y’ know wot I mean.

There’ll be some more folk along wiv’ their piece to say, probably more ‘bout marketing and making everything know more…. I reckon it’s a b it of an’ opeless task and we gotta play the long game an’ maybe in like a ‘undred years it’ll all get discovered…. Well a ‘undred of your years, not ours ‘cause we’s different.

See ya!

PS: Don’t ferget to tell everyone one ‘bout us! Y’ can tell we’re more lively than ‘e made out!

Book Cover 9An’ this is the book…. ‘Of Patchwork Warriors!’ S’ on Kindly. An’ it don’t cost that much, so wot you gotta loose I says….And if anyone says in that snotty sorta voice ‘Oh five How-Wars of my Life which Hi shall nevah get back’ an’ then think they’ve been clever, I’ll be ’round to talk wiv’ em if y’ get MY MEANING…. I can y’know, being Eeefereal an’ all.

An’ I gotta a body-count too.


An Author’s Concerns


29 thoughts on “‘Ullo Everyone! It’s proper ‘Patchwork Warriors’ time!!

    1. Hya Sha’Tara!
      Oh yea! We keep tellin’ ‘him how to write it, but ‘e’s all over the place.
      So I drags him by his fribbin’ left ‘ear back to the beginin” an’ told him straight ‘Get yer continuity and yer spiffilin’ narrative sorted willya!’
      HONest I’ve seen more sense ‘n order in a tavern at chuckin’ awt time!….
      And ‘eres us risking our reputations an’ delicates! LawdGawd ‘Elpus!!
      I’m gonna climb up a tree and see wot some of the butterflies ‘as to say ’bout it all.


      1. Ah well, Karlyn darlin’ there’s no telling about them writers once they become authors. They gets ideas o’ their own, they do. So stick with it, as I know you’re good at, and put some sense inna him. Make him realize you’ve got another great adventure you’re just itching to let us all in on. I’m all ears, and then some.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I could rite a book o’ me own on tryin’ to get these walnuts makin’ themselves known!
        Anyways, it’s nice to talk to you folks , nearly as much as bees and butterflys. Don’t get me wrong, but bees and butterflys see fings folks don’t an’ you can learn a lot from ’em. Then there’s me trees….ohhhh I love trees…
        Anyways we gotta go an’ force the lad to start a bit ‘o re-rite; that Kon-tin-you-ity stuff as gone all the |Second ‘Ell.
        Flaxi is really bladder agitated wiv’ ‘is sloppiness..well you’ll be readin’ ‘er side of things soon.
        By the way….
        I likes yer blog. Folk don’t get the big ‘IT’ sometimes do they?

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Reblogged this on Audrey Driscoll's Blog and commented:
    Here’s a word from Karlyn, one of the main characters in RJ Llewellyn’s lively and harrowing novel, Of Patchwork Warriors. She gives a pretty good impression of the book. I’ve read it and recommend it to those who appreciate tales of action and adventure with a bit of magic and some grit mixed in.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Sha Tara….Karlyn ‘ere…
        I knew if ‘e let us ‘ave our say we’d be gettin’ the ‘ol wagon movin’.
        ‘Onestly when it comes to this marketing stuff e’d test the patience of a Blessed & Revered One ‘e would- Got a head fulla sproggle. If ‘e’d spend more time talkin’ to bees it would ‘elp.
        Anyways..gotta get back to Book II…. see ya!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww fanks Audrey.
      Y’ too kind. Yeh we was ‘appy wiv it. ‘Course we ‘ad to knock his ‘ead against the ol’ allegorical wall a few times, but we got there!
      Now we gotta get ‘im to read a bit more, y’know novels, to keep the tempo goin’.
      Spiffle! But ‘E’s ‘ard work!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. YAY!!! They’re baaaack!!! Good to see you again, Karlyn! I am eagerly awaiting hearing more about you all. One thing, though … please try not to smack poor Roger upside the head too hard or too often, for he already has some rattling things up there and you know ‘e isn’t getting any younger. Welcome back … I anxiously await …

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Jill.
      Naah, don’t worry, them’s only allegorical thwacks! Me an’ ‘I’m. We get on fine. Not too bad climbing trees, likes bees, but he can’t talk wiv’ ’em much.
      Yeh, Vol 2 is on its way. Though we’ve got go back and sort out some continuity stuff. Flaxi’s good at that!…. She’s got promoted…twice!….Yeh! She’s Captain Arketre Beritt now! She says that’s ten times the work for only five times the pay, but that’s just ‘er pretending she don’t like the job!
      I like you takin’ thwacks at them sproggle’eads you got wots supposed to be in charge!..Hah! Couldn’t organise a ……
      Not supposed to say that I forgot Yer, Trelli’s teaching me manners.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ‘E can’t talk wid da bees??? Hmph. I talk wid ’em ev’ry day! Congrats to Flaxi for me!!! An’ if you ever take a notion to cross da pond, I’d love for you to ‘elp me thwack dem sproggle’eads!!! I needs all da help I can get!!! And Karlyn? Manners is much over-rated! Took me nigh on 60 years to learn ya just gotta say what’s in yer ‘ead! ‘ugs!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Aww, nice to meet someone wot don’t muck ’bout with words. Not like some that give themselves airs ‘n graces, an’ is no better than they ought to be.
        Luv’ to cross in to your world, but we got our ‘ands full on our patch!
        An’ gettin’ his nibbs to write books!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. T’anks, Karlyn!!! Mebbe one o’ dese days I’ll cross o’er da big pond to meet ye! Keep his nibbs in line, eh? Ye could glue ‘is fingers to da keys! Or ‘is post-e-ree-or to da chair! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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