Back to The Sanity of Writers and Writing

So I quit there, shaking its dust off of my shoes, so to speak (New Testament reference), seething with fury at the ignorance, blinkered thinking, hypocrisy and their smug self-satisfaction. They might not be the majority, but neither is UKIP and I wouldn’t go near them either.
To spare you the full-on rant, which would probably descend into profanities and thus would do nothing for my views, to sum it up I parted ways with the UK Labour Party. Whereas the nationalisation, the increases in taxation and public funding are my dream and I don’t really dislike any of its leadership, do not have faith in them, but that’s different. No, it is the selective view of the world and the venom which pours out of a body of supporters when you disagree with them. Constructive debate? Ha! Nope let’s all follow Intolerance!
Having them whinge about the BBC being against them is one thing, since the Government supporters do the same thing. Stop following them on FB and I am spared that. What exactly the Royal Family have done to them is a mystery to me, but there is me not caring. For over a year I gave them leeway over Israel and hoping they would wise up and tone down the notion that all Jews are for the Israeli govt and if they really cared they’d read up on the Arab-Israeli Da’am Socialist Party…..nope, more important to huff ‘n puff on FB and play at who is the more outraged. Denial over the Poison Attacks and Selective anger over one part of the violence in Syria…predictable, pull their strings and they twitch.
The final straw was the outbursts against The White Hats in Syria; folk who risk their lives trying to expose the regime, the willingness to assume these are funded by the CIA and who knows who. Anything but facing the reality of the Torment of that land. I could have been reading a watered down conspiracist account of Sandy Hook
I guess for three days I fumed, going through every insult, profanity (there it is again), and posts I was very tempted to put up on FB; then it occurred to me….What is the point? I may as well go onto a USA Alt-Right site and plea for a rational approach to responsible gun-control. It is a bit of a shock when you realise your neck of the political woods is filled with as much bigotry, narrow-minded thinking, ignorance, and paranoia as your average Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones’ or Nigel Farage fan-base.
It was definitely time to get out of that cess-pit pond and walk my path back to WP and indulge in visiting posts where folk discuss Writing for Writing’s sake; there’s a freshness and a sunshine here. To be back amongst people who have something constructive to say. To share ideas and views on the valuable art of writing stories, novels, blogs. Accounts of their experiences, their hopes, plans, and strategies. Would I was still not so simmering that I could be more eloquent in praise of The Writer, The Author, and even more so those who can Write and Edit for others. (How do they find the time?).
There is a such a joy to witness creativity instead of stale bitterness. To read of folk who are doing something useful with their time, pouring out into the world their visions, their stories for the thrill of writing and the intention to entertain or invoke. To see a blog which has book covers displayed brings a smile to my face; OK they may not be to my tastes, but this is not the point; here is another person who have invested time and effort in producing something which is available to all the world, if it so cares. There is nothing which declaims ‘YOU’ can’t read this unless I say so! There is honesty, there is hope, there is effort.
So I will stick to my writing and read of other’s efforts. There are political blogs I respect I will stick with, but no more mindless hate, no more foul-mouthed vilification, and the attendant excuses. Conservatives (UK Party), Labour (UK Party), until you put them in order and get your rabble factions under control a plague on both your houses! At least I finally understand why some folk were Pacifists in WWI & WWII.
I’m with the WP Writers’ Party.


29 thoughts on “Back to The Sanity of Writers and Writing

  1. The UK Labour Party should be replaced at once with good folks from WP. I’m not saying the policies would be any better, but they would be beautifully written.
    Excellent rant, by the way, and not actually all that rant-y – very considered, measured and fair, I thought.

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    1. PS: (Hold on WP, I had not finished !) ‘but they would be beautifully written’…. That’s another WP quote which is never going to grow old in my WP lexicon!
      From your work on ‘Who Shot Tony Blair’. you could be Cabinet Secretary !

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      1. WP is such a keen beastie, these days! I would LOVE to be Cabinet Secretary. That’s where the true power lies, of course. I’d have this country straightened out in no time. There would certainly be a lot of cake about.

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  2. There’s a sanity in writing – albeit relative, a point of view, expression of a mind, of heart even, believed in, believed by, disagreed with, yet words respected at the time, with a like, a comment, or just scrolled by, no judgement, no offense, we trust to each others common sense, we treat the apparent best and those not quite so good in much the same way, we’re here, they’re here, we’re all here, it just feels right…

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    1. I agree wholeheartedly. We are free here to discuss and to learn from other writers. All baggage is left outside.
      Yesterday I encountered a blogger who divided writers up into
      Architects- those who plan the books.
      Gardeners- those who start with an idea and let it grow.
      The examined a few sub-divisions.
      One respondent referred to themselves as a ‘Squishy Architect’. They had a firm outline of the plot but let the characters have much leeway within that structure.
      Another who writes action and thrillers despairing at unrealistic police procedures, and as a woman who practices one of the martial arts the notion of a small woman bunching down a big guy without hurting her fist.
      So much to learn and enjoy!
      (And I couldn’t have cared less what their political opinions were).
      It does indeed, feel right.

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    1. Thanks Audrey; there were a few ‘Deep breaths now lad. Deep breaths’ interludes.
      I’m glad the new look works. Relieved in fact! I have been trying to change the look, even bought an Official Guide magazine. However as patience is short in the male DNA of our families and ‘I know best’ runs strong, that was cast aside.
      I then resorted to my old method of ‘Ohhh, this looks interesting, let’s press a button and see what happens’. Now all I have to do is figure out how to put images and other folks book covers and I will be happy.
      (Maybe I shouldn’t be allowed on computers without an adult or teenager to supervise me)

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  3. As Cabinet Secretary, Lucy, you may want to ease off on the cake bit. It didn’t work so well for Marie Antoinette… Of course she didn’t actually put out the cake, she just had a mindless thought and verbalized it. How to start a revolution (for dummies).

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  4. DEEP breaths, now, Roger. Repeat after me … One … Two … Three … Four … Five … Roger? YO, Roger!!! {Now where did he get off to …???}

    Might I guess that you are having a bit of angst? 😔 Since I haven’t kept up with the UK news much of late (been busy trying to clean the manure from my own backyard), I am admittedly behind on this one, but … I suggest you spend more time out in the garden for a bit. And … as one very dear friend often advises me … read some MAD magazine and watch some Looney Tunes … a sure cure for what ails ye!

    And Roger … hugs ‘n love.

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    1. It’s ok. Jill I’ve landed back on Earth, in one piece!
      I would be in the garden, but it’s raining! (Spiffle!)
      I would watch cartoons, but every time I see Daffy Duck or Elmer Fudd they remind me of those folk !
      Nope it’s Netflix I go where Darevdevil punches the lights out of people, the macabre and graphic humour of The Santa Clarita Diet. Then there’s writing. And fighting wars on cardboard maps.
      But above all there is WP! WP is always good for the spirit. So many folk just talking writing, which focuses my mind.
      (Meanwhile I have to plan ahead to find out who I might vote for when next election comes around)
      (PS: According to these folk, it’s no use getting your news form the BBC, it’s all pro-establishment and against them and you can’t trust anyone apart from our leader. If you are not with us you are against us!……from a USA perspective does that sound familiar to you?)
      🌺 🌸 🌼 🌻 for you Jill.

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      1. I am sooooo glad you made it back to 🌍 in one piece! I had just gone to bed last night (this morning) when I could have sworn I heard a pogo stick bouncing on the roof!

        Yes, my friend, it sounds all too familiar. Who knew it was contagious??? 😷

        And thank you, dear Roger, for the lovely flowers!!! They brightened my day! ☀️ We shall all, somehow, survive this and laugh about it in our old age!

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      2. So THAT’S where the compass in my back yard came from!!! I was puzzling over it. It has only a small crack, so I shall send it back to you tomorrow. That orange spot … um … was it blubbery and sort of squishy? Just curious …

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      3. It did say ‘urk’ if that’s any help.
        As I flew off I could hear someone else cry out.
        ‘Nah! He’s still alive!’
        And then someone else made a brief comment which I took to be an expression of disappointment….. I should not repeat as there will be ladies reading this.😉

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      4. S’ ok Jill. A swift check of symptoms:
        1. Sloping off to a room to be by myself
        2. Playing incomprehensible sounds I call music.
        3. Feeling clean clothes are a great inconvenience.
        4. Don’t see why I should comb my hair anyway.
        I’d simply regressed to my teenage years! (Again)


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