Spam Warnings

Started yesterday.

Suddenly folk with web site addresses started to ‘like’ comments I had made on other folks’ posts. Counted 15 so far. The majority end with .’ru’ (So if I follow the guidelines of some folk after the Salisbury poisoning it must be the UK govt or the CIA)…But seriously though

Checked on the Community Forum, seems to have started in the last week, and WP do not appear to have any response other than to tell people to check with the Forum.

Don’t interact is my advice.

Question is?

Should the person who attracts the ‘like’ or the person who has originated the post take any action.

If I knew how to delete the durn things I would



28 thoughts on “Spam Warnings

      1. Seems all we can do is ‘Spam’ any direct contact and not ‘interact’ with any ‘likes’.
        As I came from another era and have so little knowledge of the cyber world shouldn’t be let out on my own, I have to ask:
        ‘Hey! Like. What is the point man? I mean this is , like, too freaky for me. Do y’know what I mean, man.’….(Ah the 1960s, you could express yourself in those days).

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      2. Haha I think they would have to be facing us saying “I like what you said” not hiding and liking with a star. Oh well my sister won’t knock his/her block off any time soon then. *sigh*

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      3. Understandable reaction. Mine is a raggedy sort of site/sight. I could close down and start again without too much effort but for folk who’ve spent a lot of effort building theirs up into a quality site this must be worrying as well as annoying.


  1. The exact same happened to me yesterday! And then today, they commented just a ‘-‘ or some other character, but Akismet caught it and it went directly to my Spam folder. I don’t know what’s going on, but typically, as long as it ends up in spam, it’s best to just stay aware and ignore it. I’ve had similar experiences, and it usually ends within a day or two. It’s robots, so not much point in responding.

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  2. I got 19, had a live chat with WP, and they are working to fix the problem. The only thing to do is to see of these people have a Gravatar profile and report spam. Unfortunately most don’t have a profile. All my likes happened over a day. No more since then (Monday.)

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    1. Same here Jennie.
      It would seem to have been a one off incident, albeit a very annoying one.
      Possibly not directed at WP but on of those vague nets that spammers cast out.
      (I just love the ones which tell me there is a tax refund due….used to work in the tax system)

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