A FaceBook Thing (Not THE FaceBook thing)…Rant Warning Gale Force

Well we all know about the FaceBook controversy, I mean in this Age of Social Media it’s one of those subjects which isn’t going to be missed.

Many people are closing their accounts or limiting their activity and their reasonings are understandable. No one likes to be pried on and having someone trying to use the information for questionable purposes.

Those reasons didn’t trouble me to much, not because of apathy, ignorance or because I think my senses are heightened to such any extent that I can detect any manipulations. No, it’s just that being so cussedly contrary and being of such a low social media profile….it’s…. ‘So what they going to do with the bits they have on me? Good luck with that dust people! And at 66 I’m so set in my ways like I’m ready to listen to anything I’ve not known about already?’ (that kind of cussedness, takes practice y’know).

At this juncture, yes we all sound off and we all write out our annoyances. But there’s limitations to expressing in our opinions, and if the other person comes in, well listen you never know what you’ll learn about them. And don’t hate them. Let’s keep a sense of proportion in this…..

No, the reason why I am cutting back my ‘FB’ to family alone comes from a different quarter, one where there is a toxicity, an absence of discourse and exchange of views. Where the ignorant and the bigoted reside, feeding off of each other’s fears, prejudices and self-congratulatory delusions. I alluded to this in a previous post. Now Here is a Thought About Writer’s Block (aka Log-Jam)

Anyways my new laptop was really cool with FB, enjoyed putting words down. Must be innocent, and my old one must have known something because it was never happy there, always claiming the connection had gone, taking one minute to type one letter and never navigating well, But you know it goes, something new, something different.

So there I was sifting along and amongst the various threads, sort of drawn towards those on the UK Remain side of the Brexit argument, putting in my pro-Remain six pennies worth, trying to avoid the folk who suggested Brexit folk should be rounded up and incarnated. Then on Friday and Saturday I chanced upon a thread which was doing a common theme railing that the BBC was pro-Brexit and a tool of the Government.

Yeah, we all reckon we all get mis-represented by someone or another don’t we? Someone doesn’t understand our side of the story. Tell me about it. 45 years working in the UK Civil Service, man. But these folk were taking their venom to a whole new level. And what did I do, I went in and said I wasn’t buying their line. It’s my opinion, right? The BBC is not perfect, it’s dumbed down some of its outlets, but it’s still as trustworthy as any. WELL, I could just as soon have suggested we have a ‘Let’s Beat Puppies To Death With Kittens’ week. It didn’t take more than two exchanges before I was:

A fascist.


Not capable of having an intelligent debate.

A Putin Troll (can’t figure that one out……)

A click-baiter (what the frib’ is a click-baiter? More to the point do I care?)

That was not much really, I’d paid my dues on 9/11 sites being told I was a CIA shill and on religious ‘discussion’ (ha!) sites that I was an ignorant superstitious closed-minded fool for daring to believe in God. Yeh…yak-yak-yak.

No, the one which pulled me up short was the one who was complaining about the BBC not reporting a Remain March (gee that’s tough) but about news from America. So when I suggested the latest shootings were more important, they came back with the response that ‘The World (ie them) didn’t care about Americans killing Americans’. Imagine…. your march is more important than the death of a person, no words of regret or compassion. That is a very sour mind-set.

So I gave that person short-shrift over deaths in the USA and South Sudan (which the BBC reports from time to time), irritated another by telling them I had better things to do and some folks would love to hear the accusations then said ‘bye-bye’ (they hate that, they hate being treated frivolously, for they are so important and have such a BIG message).

I was FB done.

There’s other stuff I’ve come across, but you get the general gist.

The worse thing about it all is me being Far-Left you kind of get it into your head this sort of stuff comes from the Right-Wing. You grow up with the idea that The Left is Tolerant and Inclusive. Is educated and socially aware. Of course there are hot-heads, but everywhere you go you find those.  Sorry, all wrong. The Left can be just as bigoted and narrow-minded as any fringe Right-Group. And if there is one thing I am Intolerant over it is Intolerance.

And so thus, I no longer bother with FB, unless my wife who inhabits saner regions tells me about something she or my family have posted up.

And this is something I have dallied with over the past couple of years too, I am done with what used to be The Labour Party in the UK. If it cannot get its virulent parts under control or kicked out, then it’s not my scene anymore. What my grandson will make of that I do not know, he being a member, that’s going to be tricky next time we get talking politics.

I’ll just stick with being Catholic Christian(because that suits me), writing and breathing the fresh air of the Word Press. Because you folk have perspective, generosity and openness. You folk deal in realties and creativity. You folk, do things.


As for the Brexit issue, right now ‘A Plague on Both Your Houses’.

Now, back to the book and posts about writing….

You folk. You rock!


13 thoughts on “A FaceBook Thing (Not THE FaceBook thing)…Rant Warning Gale Force

  1. Great rant. I tried FaceBook once then after getting a masters degree in fracking, was able to mine my way down into its roots and unsubscribe – with a two week waiting period because I needed that time to change my mind. There were dire warnings in there about losing my salvation, my zillions of “friends” and my mind if I left. The usual stuff. Getting out of Google and Amazon was a little easier and I don’t miss any of them. Whenever a link shows up that results in a “You need to sign up for this” message a counter mind-message saying, “No I don’t” comes from my own mind and surprise, the world does not implode.

    Anyone who has an account with an ISP is automatically entitled to use non-web email, so what’s with social media? People with no lives reading about other people’s fake lives? Isn’t it better to share personal information privately?

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    1. Yeh I feel better now.
      ‘They’ can be as intrusive as ‘they’ like, I’m so far gone into my on anarchical-won’t-be pinned-down-with-someone else’s-label mindset, ‘they’ won’t get any commercially or politically viable sense out of me.
      Sometimes Sha’ Tara I feel my song should be the Groucho Marx’s ‘I’m Against It’ from Horse Feathers.
      Ah it’s good to out of touch with ‘Reality’


    1. No indeed. both to our separate projects go (pinched from the SF title ‘To Out Scattered Bodies Go’) and also marvel at wonders of the Universe, which does not give a %$* about who says what on FaceBook.
      Happy Easter Break Simon


  2. On the one hand, you need a break from it, and you matter far more than fighting battles that seem stacked against reason and common sense to begin with. However, I know you, and I suspect you won’t be able to resist trying again after a break. And … much as I hate to say it … as you’ve told me many times, you won’t win ’em all, but maybe you convince one or two people to calm down and listen, maybe even think about what you say. And lastly … the world needs Roger, so just take care of Roger (and of course Sheila!). Hugs, my friend!

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    1. Aww Bless you Jill. Wise words of comfort. Thanks. But I am done with them. They are toxic and inadvertently provide plenty of ‘copy’ for the Right-Wing Press. I have better things to do. Contribute to WP, write my books and do ‘stuff’….
      Pause for reflective pose…
      ‘Thus I shall diminish and go into The West’…
      Pause for reflection….
      Nah, strike that line, someone will ‘twig’ I’ve pinched it from Galadriel’s Speech when she rejects The Ring,…. a long blonde wig and flowing white robes just an’t me (The headband would be fetching though…)🤔

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      1. No, I simply do not picture you as Galadriel (had to look that one up), but perhaps you could take a line from the cowboys of yore and “ride off into the sunset”. Not literally, of course. And you are right … there are more important things for us all to do than play in the mud with those who don’t listen because they are already convinced they know everything and that their opinions are always correct. Like our Mr. Singer. It is fun to take the plunge every now and then, then step away with a bit of unsolicited wisdom … rather clears the head … but more than that is simply a waste of time … and angst.

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      2. I had this mischievous idea of ‘blundering’ back into the thread of these UK stick-up-the-butts with a load of comic and off-the-wall posts, but there again since like most of this type there is zero humour, I wouldn’t want them getting back at me through my own family on FB; it has been known. Thus I will let them ruin themselves with their own delusions.
        Mebbe next year…though…tee-hee😼

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      3. I agree … it isn’t worth having them harass your family. You can, via ‘settings’ on FB, set it such that nobody can see who your other FB friends are. Might be worth doing before you plunge back into the murky waters next year. 😉 I am cautious about things like that, and won’t allow my phone number or even the city I live in be seen by “public”, for … well, I guess I’m just not very trusting. ‘Tis a shame we have to be so guarded, but that’s the state of the world these days. Some people have, I think, entirely too much time on their hands and they use it thinking up ways to hurt others. Sigh. ‘Scuse me … I must go back down into the rabbit hole now … I hear them calling me …


  3. I get this. So much extremism, so much entrenched single-mindedness that resists all forms of reason. I personally just avoid confrontations there, and everywhere. Most people don’t want to “discuss” anything anymore; they only want an excuse to pull out their pet arguments.

    Facebook still works for me as a way to stay connected to friends and family who are scattered all over the country. Not necessary to argue anything with them. I save my rants for my blog instead… ;D

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  4. I never latched onto FB, though I do have a “fan page” that has done me no good whatsoever.

    I just keep thinking of what someone wrote recently, vis-a-vis the whole scandal, that whenever you’re getting something for free, you are the product being sold.

    Food for thought there, eh?

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