They Have Killed My Country and Murdered My God

Just read this, please.

Fade Into Oblivion

They have killed my country and murdered my God
and called it collateral damage.
They have buried my homeland
under their bombs and the cries of its residents.
The women of my country are their playthings
And the men are prisoners of war.
My house has collapsed in on itself
burying its inhabitants under six feet of rubble
like a grave.
Colonisation, The Occupation, Ceasefire.
I can’t hear my own thoughts
Maybe that’s what they want to do
Overwhelm you with external destruction and voice
So you have no idea who you are
They blaspheme my God and place of worship
call Him a liar
spit upon His shrine
challenge His authority
believe they are better off without Him.
My country has become their playground
Paradise on Earth, now even worse than Hell.
I think the dead are luckier
They can’t see their beautiful land littered
with bullet shells, bombs…

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7 thoughts on “They Have Killed My Country and Murdered My God

  1. I did read it, Roger. I thought about what my grade 12 history teacher was fond of saying, that the more things change, the more they stay the same. The first canons brought down mighty stone fortresses into pile of rubble and many were the refugees within their walls that were crushed – the lucky ones. The ones who survived the successful siege were pillages, raped, put to the sword. Now it’s pillage, rape and executions or permanent prisoners of war. I must say this about Earthians: when it comes to spreading horror, they are a consistent bunch of psychopaths.

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      1. Student, hand waving in the air madly: “Sir, sir, I have a solution to that!”
        Teacher: “Put your arm down and shut up. We’re here to study, not come up with solutions. What planet did you think you woke up on this morning? This is earth. We don’t do solutions here.”

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