A Political-Style Appeal

Could I please, respectfully request all the erudite and intelligent folk who understandably place posts on their blogs attacking the current occupant of the Whitehouse to not use photos of him grinning or smiling. My relationship with my argumentative laptop is fragile enough as it is. If I see one more smug smirk I am going to lacerate my fist as it goes through the screen.

Thank you.

While I’m here….Sandy Hook Conspiracy folk (looking at you Alex Jones)

outrage1-620x350…..To you

And even…..


And those are the polite versions.

Thank you for your time.


19 thoughts on “A Political-Style Appeal

  1. I confess I’ve seen the smug, self satisfied smirk, and the psychotic grimace that passes for a pleasantry but so far not the grin or the smile. But, nothing would give me greater pleasure than to not use a photograph of him on my blog unless it’s the one with the hair having risen from the back of his head to wave at us. Normally when I see him on screen I attach a cut out fist to the screen until he’s gone.
    Please don’t lacerate your fist and make it a small win for him.
    The Sandy Hook conspiracists, Vermin. No conspiracists from the parents of that school especially from those parents you dishonour with this fake opinion. As a rule I don’t swear but Mourn the children you bastards and stop voting to keep more guns than the armed forces in civilian hands.

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  2. Notice, dear Roger, that I almost never allow an actual photo of him on my blog with the exception of the one that shows his 60 pounds of lard hanging down as he bends over a golf ball. πŸ˜‡ As to Alex Jones et al … gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr πŸ€

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  3. Sir Roger! Very well said! I really cannot with him and all of is ilk but I have hope that these kids in Florida are not standing down! They are doing what those babies in Sandy Hook could not do!
    Shame on people calling them actors!
    I guess they subscribe to the “if I can’t offer a logical and truthful argument, I’ll just lie” school of thought.
    Great post my friend!

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    1. Thanks Gwin.
      I just can’t get my head into the mindset of those particular group of Conspiracy Theorists.
      It gets me so angry, and then when I go looking at booklet of prayers and reflections for Lent, there for me to read…
      Matthew 5:20-26 ‘But I tell you that anyone who is angry with his brother will be subject to judgement’
      And I get conflicted. Should I be more pitying than angry?

      Hope you and yours and OK Gwin,


      1. How about studiously ignoring them? They are, after all, only that which floats in the toilet bowl before it’s flushed. If it isn’t my deposit, is it up to me to flush it? Just being graphic here… πŸ™‚

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      1. I remember a cartoon in Newsweek, back in the 1980s.
        Split panel.
        A ground of Washington advisors/politicians are discussing and one is saying
        ‘Of course, we can not be sure exactly what the Founding Fathers meant…’
        Next panel
        Benjamin Franklin to other worthies discussion a draft constitution.
        ‘Of course you can never be sure what some yo-yo will make of this in 200 years time’


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