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It wasn’t the typical kind of conversation you’d expect in a convenience store. It started with the still raw anger and confusion over the recent school shooting elsewhere in our state. It’s not like we’re one of those states where things like that just happen every so often, so we were still processing what it means […]

via God, Guns, Laws, and Social Media — TheUnmaskedAvenger


4 thoughts on “God, Guns, Laws, and Social Media — TheUnmaskedAvenger

  1. Hey Roger. I went there, read the article and posted this comment:
    What do I think? I’m 71 years old. I’ve been around, been involved, heard things, seen things, experienced things. I think it’s time to take the wizard’s advice and “forget everything you know, or everything you think you know…” (quote from the movie Willow). We need magic. Real magic. Something so powerful, it can change the world. So I wake up mornings and I think, compassion. I talk compassion, act compassion, teach and explain compassion. I go to bed with compassion. No one understands this powerful mind-changing magic; they never have. So they will continue to be totally confused about how to resolve their social problems and I will continue to demonstrate the magic. It changes me and that has to be good enough.

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      1. Thanks Roger. Keep on keeping on, indeed. When I was twelve I received a vision of a vocation to which I would have to dedicate my whole life, irrevocably. That was taken from me but twenty five years later, an even better “vocation” was offered again and I took it, also irrevocably. “Those who would give light must endure burning.” and if you’re born a candle, you are made purposely for burning. That’s the kind of “burning” passion I can understand!
        I read a long time ago of a woman journalist who went to visit and interview mother Teresa. At the end of her time with Teresa, this journalist whose name I cannot remember wrote, “Oh to have a purpose; to have something so wonderful that you can dedicate your entire life to and never look back!” We are human beings and as such that is what we all are seeking for, consciously or subconsciously: not survival but a reason to exist. Purpose.

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      2. I agree Sha’ Tara. One of the dangers of Today is the shallowness of wealth and ‘personality status’ by which sections of the population measure their status.
        Whereas there is so much more.
        The late fantasy writer David Gemmel in one of his books had a conversation between a warrior and a farmer’s son. The boy says he wants to be a hero like the warrior. The warrior says he is not a hero but the farmer is, because the farmer keeps working at his farm all year, through all weathers and all trials.
        We should never be fooled into believing we are finished. We are never finished.

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