SF Writing Competition

How’s your preparation for the upcoming Adventure Scifi and Fantasy Contest coming? Do you need any help or extra inspiration? Entries for this Short Story Contest don’t actually open until February 26th, 2018, so you’ve still got more time to write…or procrastinate. Whichever works best for you! My simple dream for this contest goes something like […]

via It’s Almost Time! Adventure Writing Contest — Fiction by Rachael Ritchey

Here’s one you should visit and think about.

There’s always something interesting on Rachael’s site, and all the details on the mechanics of applying are so neatly laid out.

Let you imagination flow!


4 thoughts on “SF Writing Competition

  1. Hi Roger, I went through my 200 short stories today looking for even one that would fit all of their criteria but found nothing that would pass muster. I think their restrictions are, well, just too restrictive, too narrow. But they may find that out soon. If I had found something it would have been the first time since I was 14 (and won that competition) that I would enter a writing competition. I don’t know, there’s something about the concept of “competition” that turns me off; an inherent predatory aspect to it. I realize that we’re supposed to believe that all of life is a competition just to survive but I don’t buy into that either. Still…I have something that comes close that I may enter, time permitting.

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    1. Yeh I get that, you never know just what might click into place
      I just want to do it for the fun of putting something together and getting out there.
      (I’m either a ‘garage band’ writer or a ‘hobo’ writer, not quite made my mind up yet…if I should make my mind up of course)


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