Manic Monday Number 5 :-)

Here’s a site which is worth a visit (and a ‘follow’) humour, science, opinions, so much going on, never a dull moment.

Planet Simon

So here we are firmly planted in February and the gloom of January is firmly behind us! This is where we get the first brighter peeks of 2018, we can now believe that Spring is coming and that it’s not far off now.

What’s been going on in the last week. Much the same as normal, lots of stuff going on, not had any writing time etc etc…

I was interviewed by Kate and she’s published the interview on her Meet the Bloggers site: Planet Simon Interview. I’ll probably be re-blogging this in the next day or so as well!

Last week I talked about changes…I keep changing things I know and I’ve changed them again. I used to be indecisive but really I’m not sure about that now! lol

So what have I done now? Well, late last year I created two new sites to highlight my creative…

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