Let The Words Flow….

Firstly, ‘ware those if you are going to spout hatred against people because of their race, religion or social grouping while using use lies, distortions, and hysterical venom. If you are intending to waste precious space and resources on such sinful behaviour and hide behind the tawdry excuse of Freedom of Expression, you are a menace and a fool. You will also be on the receiving end of such treatment. For you have no right to pronounce your filth. 

However, for you dwell in the myriad shades light, then if you wish of course you should write, just whatsoever you have in mind (in spirit and heart). You are entitled to let your imagination flow out onto paper or cyber and no one has any business stopping you.

There used to be this lazy saying masking as wit which went ‘Everyone has a book inside of them. And in most cases, that’s where it should stay,’. This was never about the moral content (see above), this was always about ‘style’. So who appointed anyone the Supreme Arbiter of ‘style’? Yes, I admit there are many books I personally wish had never seen the light of day…however for my one opinion there are many others who say ‘yes’, therefore personal taste of style should not be the judge of anyone’s work.

Of course, nothing which flows out of your pen or keyboard in the first flush of inspiration is going to be the final draft. The world of writing does not work in this fairy tale way. There are revisions for continuity, punctuation, grammar, even for pace. Parts may have to be taken out because at the end of the day they detract from the main theme. You will at some stage seek for outside opinions; take it from me writing in a bubble just does not work, I cannot stress this hard enough, you are reading the words of one who worked thusways for twenty years; being partially delusional at the time had something to do with that strange path. You may even seek out a professional editor. All part of the writing process.

My opinion is never to think too hard about the motivation, on being inside of the characters. In the first instance let the words flow out, even if you know they may be less than final perfect. The important part at this stage is to finish your first draft; there is plenty of time and opportunity to work on self-editing, honing polishing; entire chapters may be re-worked even scythed in the re-working stage. Quite a normal procedure.

There are many good and valuable blogs out there with advice on how to perfect your style, how to go about seeking help and guidance. You will find many as well who can assist on the path of submission, agents, publishing organisations etc. There are many who will guide you through self-publication. Sadly, I am of no help to you here for being a ragged, insolent and rebellious sort when it comes to publication, being more interested in putting work out there than anything else my choice in Amazon Kindle, and so be it. There is much hard work to be done on my marketing skills.

The important facet of this post, which cannot be stressed enough is when bearing in mind the opening paragraph I urge you to write for the initial joy of freeing your muse out into the winds, to soar, glide, dive, skim, bank and soar again. Be above the clouds and worry not where the journey will take you. You have every right.


14 thoughts on “Let The Words Flow….

  1. Well said, Roger! Nothing induces writer paralysis like trying to achieve perfection right away. I’ve found it’s best to write without looking back until you hit The End. That’s when you go back and see what you’ve created, and whip, slash, or massage it into perfection (or something like it).

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  2. -grin- spanner in the works from me – I’m a pantster but I edit as I go. Even when doing a Nanowrimo, I have to edit the important bits or the story dries up for me. I guess we all prove the point that there is no hard and fast ‘way’ to write.

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  3. Great words of inspiration, my friend!
    I heard someone advise that one should never make his artistry responsible for his financial support; which I think aligns with your point about writing “for the initial joy of freeing your muse…”
    That kind of freedom tends to keep us in integrity.

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