Sunday Thoughts — Advice for the Downtrodden

These words of Barb’s are going to make this, for me one of the top posts for 2018

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Folks, it’s Sunday, so I’d like to reflect a little bit on what’s been going on, both with me and the world (as far as I can tell, at least from this little corner of it), as I have a tendency to do on what most of the Westernized world considers to be the Sabbath.

Right now, I’m working hard on three different edits. I also have several writing works-in-progress I’m trying to devote some time to, and I also do what I can to help family and friends enjoy life (or at least not hate it quite so much) by reminding them that they, too, are valuable.

Life shouldn’t just be about work, you see. As wonderful as work can be — and I do enjoy, very much, my work as a writer and editor — it isn’t enough to give you personal satisfaction at a deep level.


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The time has come for our Adventure Scifi/Fantasy Short Story Contest to begin!

Come on folks.
Give it a try

Rachael Ritchey

WELCOME! It’s time for the

Adventure Scifi and Fantasy Short Story Contest

It’s important to have an awfully long title for a short story contest, I think.

Entries for this Short Story Contest are now open! You can submit your short story entry between 12:01 AM PST (PDT) February 26th to March 16th, 2018 at 9:00 PM PST (PDT).

This means you still have time!

I’m looking for talented, inspired writers to take a stab at this FREE contest to win some prizes and have their short stories included in an anthology (all proceeds from sales will be donated to a charity. In this case, I’ve chosen Compassion International) and bragging rights to all your friends and grumpy neighbors…and not grumpy neighbors…or maybe just your dog…unless you’re a cat person…fish don’t count. Ahem! Let’s get to it, shall we?

The Basics

Enter your short story (1,000 – 5,000 words) using…

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A Political-Style Appeal

Could I please, respectfully request all the erudite and intelligent folk who understandably place posts on their blogs attacking the current occupant of the Whitehouse to not use photos of him grinning or smiling. My relationship with my argumentative laptop is fragile enough as it is. If I see one more smug smirk I am going to lacerate my fist as it goes through the screen.

Thank you.

While I’m here….Sandy Hook Conspiracy folk (looking at you Alex Jones)

outrage1-620x350…..To you

And even…..


And those are the polite versions.

Thank you for your time.

Be Good…to Yourself?

Here are some very deep and sensible wise words to think on when you’re feeling bad

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Folks, I have been thinking about something for the last week or two. And I hope it makes some sense.

We see all sorts of bad stuff on television, on the internet, and any other way we consume media these days. And it can be hard to keep going. People dying in Florida at a school shooting (why, oh why?) is only the latest awful thing to take over the airwaves.

This affects everyone, whether you know it or not. People dying when they don’t need to is hard for society as a whole to bear. And it seems to happen over and over again.

So, why am I saying to be good to yourself, rather than all the stuff I normally say? It’s simple. I think in addition to talking to your legislators (if you feel the need), making donations to groups you support (including those supporting responsible and…

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God, Guns, Laws, and Social Media — TheUnmaskedAvenger

It wasn’t the typical kind of conversation you’d expect in a convenience store. It started with the still raw anger and confusion over the recent school shooting elsewhere in our state. It’s not like we’re one of those states where things like that just happen every so often, so we were still processing what it means […]

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SF Writing Competition

How’s your preparation for the upcoming Adventure Scifi and Fantasy Contest coming? Do you need any help or extra inspiration? Entries for this Short Story Contest don’t actually open until February 26th, 2018, so you’ve still got more time to write…or procrastinate. Whichever works best for you! My simple dream for this contest goes something like […]

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Here’s one you should visit and think about.

There’s always something interesting on Rachael’s site, and all the details on the mechanics of applying are so neatly laid out.

Let you imagination flow!