Book Launch!- A True History of These Isles Vol II (or 2).

At last Vol II (or 2) of my A True History of These Isles is up and about on Amazon Kindle!      History Vol II

Still in the style of the Legendary 1066 and All That this volume covers the era from 1216 (sort of) after Bad King John (the Only, so far) and up to the Battle of Bosworth Field (22nd August 1485) and the downfall of Controversial King Richard III.

There were lots of kings, and other colourful characters in all of the Nations (alphabetically England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales) (chronologically Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England) and thus this was a great deal of fun to write.

In addition to supplying dates and a sort of correct of history I am, naturally hoping to cause a swath of controversy over some of my conclusions and interpretations; the true intention of any historian, as facts are often variable as well as being disputable.

To clarify what may seem sudden flourish of books (3) under my name. Vol I (or 1 or One) was original published in March 2017, but as with all good history books was 51vnj7ZqupL__SY346_updated in the light of new research, using Grammarly to clear up typos and a new improved headings system, thus was re-launched in January.


Book Cover 9My Fantasy Novel ‘Of Patchwork Warriors’ was originally published in October 2017 and subsequently everything which was wrong was sorted out and re-launched in January.



Thus Vol 2 of the History is the only one of the three which is a truly Newly Published Book.

From tomorrow (1st Feb to Sunday 4th Feb) Vol 2 will be free on Kindle. Anyone who takes advantage of this offer and reads the book is invited to start a controversial debate over any of the dates, interpretations and conclusion asserting why these are wrong as there is nothing which sells a history book so well as someone publicly doubting the accuracy of the content.     

Take advantage of this easy method to learn about the Middle-Middle or Late-Middle Ages of these Isles (or yes and bits about France too because we were quite mixed up together in those days).

A True History of These Isles Vol.I- relaunch


28 thoughts on “Book Launch!- A True History of These Isles Vol II (or 2).

    1. Thanks Lucy. It was lying fallow for a bit before Christmas, then I had a visit from my characters out of the Patchwork novel who told me I would have finish this volume of History before they would consider working with me again.
      Never argue with characters, I always say 🤔

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  1. Getting this done, published, that must feel good, eh? I certainly had a good time reading about all those self-inflated pompous asses who dubbed themselves royalty and couldn’t even come up with new names for themselves, so had to fight over the old ones. Talked about, adulated, hated, praised, mocked, gone… what did they, DO THEY actually add to the story of man and earth? Subtract would be more accurate.

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    1. Yep! Pleased to get it out there!
      Part of our long and difficult journey Sha’ Tara. Y’know folk say ‘Who is in charge?’ and this guy says ‘I am. Me and these guys of mine with big clubs’
      And that kind of settled down for a few thousand years.
      I had to make a comedy out of it. I don’t know if I will be able to do the same for the 20th/21st century, not when we raised slaughter to an industrial scale. And the first thing people did when they got their ‘freedom’ was persecute any minorities in their borders. That was when Stupidity truly got Terminal!


      1. I think you’re right. Earthian stupidity has reached a terminal stage. That won’t stop the ‘good’ people from putting their fingers in the dike to stop some obvious little leaks but no one can undo the undermining of the entire dike from global and gargantuan corruption. Whether its climate change, war or a general economic collapse or a combination, this civilization is currently singing its swan song.

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    1. Thanks Eric.
      Much appreciated.
      This one was bubbling away for most of 2017 and I finally went ‘Chariots of Fire’ on it as I had been reading a great deal on ‘Wars of The Roses’ and watching ‘Hollow Crown’ and thought another perspective was needed.
      I await a ferocious argument over the accuracy and the interpretation in academic circles…..
      All the best

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      1. I would like to think my mangling of history would give them a chuckle or too.
        What Alison Wier or the Riccardian Society would make on my version of The Wars of The Roses would be interesting!
        Apart from the fun of doing it there was a bit of satire in there on the way some mangle history to suit their own prejudices and agendas.


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