A True History of These Isles Vol.I- relaunch

There is a somewhat confused picture of the history of ‘These Isles’, no more so than amongst the inhabitants. The intention of this and subsequent volumes is to put the business straight….


As all authoratative works must have good presentation to maintain the veneer of credibility there has been a revision in terms of typing errors, one possibly misleading statement, and an overall tiding up in presentation of Volume I of ‘A True History of These Isles’.

The work covers the history of the Isles currently encompassing in alphabetical order England, Ireland, Mann, Scotland and Wales. This volume leads from the original colonisation up to 1216 AD/BCE (ish)

To make up to the folk buying a faulty copy, the revised edition is being put out on Kindle for free up to and including Thursday 18th January.

Although I am somewhat pleased with the content, as opposed to the quality of presentation I do admit to a certain disappointment that no historian has felt the need to launch a scathing criticism. For it is an acknowledged circumstance of works of history that to have true value someone must call into question their authenticity.

Still, it has only been in ‘Kindle’ since March of 2017 so there is still time

Links to extracts follow:

A True History of The Isles Part 4- The Romans (Part I) time.

A True History of The Isles Part 18- The Rule of William The Conqueror (and also The I)


16 thoughts on “A True History of These Isles Vol.I- relaunch

  1. Absolutely marvellous – I have LOVED the extracts on your blog and can only hope that a prominent historian pours scorn and rancour upon your tome – not because it deserves it, but because it’s great publicity. 😉

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      1. Good! (I never trust machines!)…Just had a thought, following on from my e-mail, and my comments about Richard Armour
        Do you thinking putting together all your excellent posts on Finnegan’s Wake as one book would be worth a try? Maybe an e-book. They held so much detail on the story (?) and hilarious asides and commentaries.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well, there’s an interesting thought. I mean, it wouldn’t be much help as an academic work or any kind of real guide, but it might be amusing to the casual punter. Thanks, Roger, I’ll give it some thought!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hi Lucy
        It’s surprising what facts translate through humour and how much mature serious experts appreciate a joke at their subject’s expense.
        After all many folk have heard of ‘Finnegan’s Wake’ but have been scared off by its reputation!
        I think it might worth a shot

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