I Believe In You

What more is there to say? Read and take heart everyone

Dan Alatorre

img_2351-3 your humble host

When it gets tough, remember: I still believe in you.

I’ve seen it again and again, writers thinking they just don’t have it. They get down on themselves and want to walk away.

Some do walk away.

Don’t be one.

You have the talent. You just don’t know how good you really are.

You HAVE the talent.

You do.

Don’t give up. You’ll get there. Nobody said it would be easy, and if it was – if it was easy – would you really want it? Well, it’s not easy, but it’s not impossible.

Somewhere out there some person is starting to write today. Just starting. They have less talent than you, but if they have more motivation, more desire, more passion, they will make it when you decide to settle for less.

You decide who quits and who wins in that race.

I believe in you.

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