Podcasts for Writers

Now here are some cool notions folks, one of many valuable posts from Rachael

Rachael Ritchey

This is not an exhaustive list of podcasts. In fact, it’s only a few, and I’d love to know what writerly podcasts you listen to.

I listen on Stitcher on my phone. So, this limits the ones I have access to, since I don’t have iTunes, and some podcasts haven’t expanded their reachability. Stitcher is easily accessible on smartphones and your computer!

The podcast names are links!

Story Grid

Helping you become a better writer.

Join Shawn Coyne, author of Story Grid and a top editor for 25+ years, and Tim Grahl, struggling writer, as they discuss the ins and outs of what makes a story great.

Listen on Stitcher

Smart Author

The Smart Author podcast guides writers step-by-step from the very basics of ebook publishing to more advanced topics, all with an eye toward helping authors make their books more discoverable, more desirable and more enjoyable to readers. Presented…

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