Publishing … Just a thought (or two)

So I did this re-re-edit of my ‘Of Patchwork Warriors’ Book Cover 9and thought ‘Aww what the frib (mild swear word used in the said book), let’s enrol in this Promotion Stuff and try and be professional for once’ so I put it out there free for 3 days, and announced it on WP.

Then I’m updating my ‘A True History of These Isles Vol I’ and put the 2nd edition up and wonder what’s going on with ‘Patchwork’ and there’s that’s little red line which shows someone bought a copy of the 1st edition in December and I’m thinking ‘Sorry ‘bout that’ (so many typos etc), then I notice this blue line.

What’s with the blue line? Maybe it’s a sort of line which indicates that’s as far as the report goes, I mean it’s the kind of thing I’d put up…but hang on, like there’s a guide to all these lines; never noticed that before……and…….Shocked-face

Well, bless my boots! NINE, yeh NINE free copies ‘kindlised’… NINE!!

OK so some might say ‘Yeh that’s ‘cause they were free’

And I’m saying ‘So fribbin’ (there’s that word again) what? It’s copies in the hands of the Reading Public! It’s more than I’ve ever, ever, ever achieved. It’s all cool!!’crazy-lime-cartoon-jumping-happy-35166861

So, going back to my original mission statement:

Tip for folks starting out- if you just wish to dip your toe in the water:

Having completed your manuscript:

Firstly: check it and check it for typos etc and if short of cash, use an online editor such as Grammarly (its basic package is for free, although there are other goodies)

Secondly: find yourself a platform to upload on an e-book.

Thirdly: Put it out there free for a short space of time.

Now, none of this is perfect, none of this will turn you into a ‘name’ but it will give you the first taste of self-publishing. You will feel you have taken the first beat of your wings.

Yes, I know, then we all wait on tender hooks waiting for the reviews. (Thanks again Audrey for yours!)  And, that is nerve-racking. I feel your twitchiness. But that is another chapter in your journey.

As the old saying goes:

‘To accumulate you have to speculate’

It can be done, people!

And this is from one of the world’s most hapless marketers ever!

PS: If anyone reading this are one of the NINE……thanks!!


13 thoughts on “Publishing … Just a thought (or two)

  1. That’s fantastic Roger!
    I do not have a Kindle (nor an Amazon account for that matter), but thanks for the offer of a free download. I’m happy that nine people took you up on a free copy of your manuscript.

    You are right…having some exposure to a reader base is important to get started with publishing. Even the best seller writers started down at the almost ‘free’ end of the scale in many cases, so ‘what the frib?’ Go for it!
    PS…if you feel it in your heart to send me a free PDF, I’d be happy to read it while I’m travelling, albeit on an android phone!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your encouragement and support Colette.
      Not being used to any sort of recognition (my own fault- writing in a bubble syndrome…never works), this is a rewarding time for me; I hope the book meets folks expectations. (Writer’s angst..where would we be without it?)
      Only too happy to be sending you a copy! The pdf is on its way.
      Thanks again


  2. You da MAN, Roger! I still envision seeing one of your books on the shelves at Barnes & Noble someday. But the most important thing is that you are enjoying what you do, you’re having fun with it, even when it drives you nuts! Keep up the good work, my friend! And congratulations on the nine copies sold!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Jill.
      I have enjoyed these last two ‘books’ more than anything I ever attempted previously.
      On the last couple of edits and re-re-re-writes I was getting the buzz that this was fun and might just ‘work’. Though I have to admit the characters quite took over, and now I have to figure out how to get Vol. II ‘up and running’……. I have a stack of dialogue and ‘circumstances’ but am short of a plot!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have no doubt that the plot will come to you when least expected … soon, I’m hoping! And heck, as long as you’re having fun with it … what else matters? Carry on, my friend! I am reading Patchwork, albeit very slowly, with magnifying glass in hand. Eye appointment next Tuesday, and fingers crossed for at least a bit of good news, for I can see less and less each day now … which is why I am always behind on responding to comments. I’m not complaining, mind you … just stating a fact.

        Liked by 1 person

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