No Whining Wednesday – Don’t Drown Your Own Voice

Now here are some words which are certainly valuable reading.

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Welcome back to another No Whining Wednesday! If this is your first time visiting this blog or if you are new to this segment, please visit the original No Whining Wednesday post HEREto learn more OR the No Whining Wednesday Pageto access all previous episodes.

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“Don’t be so hard on yourself. Those who screw up and keep going have failed so many times that they are equipped to handle disappointment and therefore have the maturity and resilience to get back up and try again. You got this.”

– Yecheilyah

This was an inspirational word I posted to my social media early this week. I love quotes, inspirational, motivational and overall uplifting. There is something about the power of a positive word that can make you feel like you can conquer the world. When someone compliments you or gives you that good advice, something…

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3 thoughts on “No Whining Wednesday – Don’t Drown Your Own Voice

    1. Hi Jill 👋
      Here I am, back 🙂
      And thanks so much for thinking about me.
      It’s been a kind of freaky week. Bit of a bug, 🤧🤧, which brought about a mood of Ibsen 🤔 and Tolstoy🤷……..
      The only things I could write were corrections for typos & punctuations to my Patchwork, which ‘Sha Tara’ was helping me out with. Kind of brain fug 😕.
      But it’s clearing now, and I resolved to get back to WP today, which meant I was greeted by this lovely greeting for yourself! 😃.
      So here we go, be seeing on the posts (must do a couple of my own too!)
      Best of best wishes

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