Mogadishu, Syria, New York………..

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How long O Lord. How long?


10 thoughts on “Mogadishu, Syria, New York………..

  1. Every day feels longer, yet the “end” times feel closer, as though we are speeding, inevitably, toward the place we least want to be…

    Yet I sense… something. Some trivial hope, some spark of light in the distance. My heart knows what my mind does not – change is upon us, and eventually the death throes will subside…

    Until then, I will pass on what a dear friend keeps telling me: “keep on keeping on,” Roger; you are not alone in your empathy, compassion or pain.

    Much love to you and yours today, my dear friend! ❤

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    1. Thank you Lisa.
      Despite our ‘best’ efforts to do otherwise, somehow we do tend to come out of our bouts of nonsense.
      Let us hope the majority who wish to just have a peaceful life have their say, or that odd quirk of survival kicks in again.
      All each of us can do is keep remembering Compassion, Tolerance and Respect are the watch-words.

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