You ARE A Writer

Here is a post of pure inspirational brilliance. Read, digest then get writing.

The Uncensored Writer

Too many times has a fellow writer told me that they are an “aspiring writer”. You’re not. You’re a writer, end of story.

What do I mean by that? Well the word ‘aspiring’ means that you hope to be a writer one day. Let me say this to you in clear, plain English. If you write, you are a writer. If you continue to write, you continue to be a writer. There is no special club you need to join to be branded a writer. If what you do is writing, you are, by definition, a writer.

Now you can be an “aspiring author”. That makes sense, because an author is basically a writer who has published a book. Not every writer has published a book, so you could actually aspire to have your book published one day. Be an aspiring author, not an aspiring writer.

It also comes down…

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