Your future, not your pain.

Here is a gentleman of true courage and fortitude.

fonzandcancer blogging to encourage.

Your future, not your pain.


The reality of the past 7 years and the realisation that what I was interested in doing. (Encouraging someone everyday) has been achieved. Nuts really how this has happened considering the pain that envelopes me on a daily basis. Success is doing what you say your going to do. Asking if I want a coffee in a morning if you know me is pointless. Making a coffee for me if you so wished, I don’t take milk and less than one teaspoon of sugar. The point of this post is to talk with you about doing, not considering it. Talking to me seems useless, but standing up and doing something means so much to me these days.

You see when your faced with losing your own life, no really you do start to see. It’s only then that you become. Let me explain. Good…

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