Finish One Story, Don’t Chase Ten

Here are some very important and wise words from Dan

Dan Alatorre

71HEiaG7AaL._UX250_.jpg your humble host

Is that you?

LOTS of stories in various stages of being written…

…and none actually WRITTEN?

I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself. It’s pretty common.

And why does it happen? Easy. It’s a (constant) case of “Oh, that looks exciting! And that!”

And that…

and that and that and that and that…”

To be a writer, you are going to have to make yourself eat your vegetables before you can have dessert.

You pick one story and you say that’s it. The rest of the stories don’t exist until I finish this one.

Finishing one will cause them all to get finished. Chasing ten rabbits won’t finish any.

The other ones will call to you.

You’ll get good ideas.

Make a quick note and stick it away.

Don’t pursue the ideas. Pursue onestory.

Until you finish it. 

Then pursue the next one! In…

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